Ten MORE Gifts: Great Gifts for Copic Marker Lovers (presents they'll actually use!)

10 MORE Gift ideas for a Copic Marker lover- gifts they'll actually use! | VanillaArts.com

Shopping for the perfect Copic gift can be tricky

Especially if you don't have the foggiest clue what marker people do when no one else is looking...

Does anyone who owns 100 markers really need more markers?

Relax. Sometimes all you need is a little advice from another Copic Marker lover.

I've been using Copic markers since they had to be smuggled in from Japan and I've seen a lot of marker products and marker accessories come and go. I'm also a brutally frank person, so if I think something is overpriced, useless, or downright stupid, I'll tell you not to buy it.

Here are 10 (well loved, not useless) gift ideas for your Copic lover:

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#1 - Copic Colorless Blender

I'll admit, this is not a romantic Valentine's Day gift for your sweetest, but every Copic fan will love receiving a full size bottle of Copic Colorless Blender.

I've heard instructors warn students away from the big economy sized bottle. Yes, this is a lot of blending solution and it will take a long time to use it all... but still, I encourage students to get the full size rather than the small size.

Why? It's all about developing a generous mindset.

The small bottle encourages stinginess. When you only own 0.8 ounces, you limit your uses to maximize the number of refills possible.

But with almost 7 ounces, you can play, experiment, and really learn about blending solution. You can afford to fail because you haven't used half a bottle on a dead-end mistake.

And hey, while I'm at it... my favorite way to use Copic Colorless Blending Solution is with a Ranger Detail Nib Water Brush. Put both items together in a pretty little bag and you've made quite a nice little gift.

#2 - The Copic Wallet (36)

If your special person colors anywhere outside of their craft room, anywhere from the living room to a chateau in France, he or she will need something to carry their markers.

There are lots of wallets and tote bag options but I still think the Copic Wallet is ideal for travel. Plus, unlike other wallets, the Copic version stands up nicely and keeps the caps easily visible for quick color grabbing.

Copic Wallets come in several sizes but 36 will offer them a great selection when on the road. Most classes call for at least a dozen markers, plus your person will want to take a few extras plus the colors they personally love. I've noticed that my students who own the 36 size never have to bring a secondary container.

#3 - Recollections Desktop Organizer

This goes down as one of my smartest purchasing decisions ever.

The Recollections Desktop Organizer is sold in Michaels craft stores as an off the shelf purchase.

Yes, they're self-assembly style particle board units rather than natural wood, and they're definitely not built to withstand a hurricane... but I really, really, really like the size and style of this organizer.

At 7 inches deep, it's half as deep as the normal Recollections cubes; the smaller footprint keeps it from hogging desk or shelf space.

But the real value is that top gridded area.

Each cubby within the grid holds 6 Copic Sketch markers and the entire gridded box removes from the unit which allows me to bring a lot of markers closer to my coloring station.

I own two Desktop Organizers and I've got both gridded boxes housed in just one unit (top and middle sections). The drawers below hold my extra nibs and miscellaneous Copic supplies.

#4 - Ott LIght Tulip Desk Lamp

You don't need to live in a deep dark cave to make good use of a desk lamp.

But not just any old lamp will do. The color of the light waves emitted matters a great deal when coloring.

It used to be that most household light bulbs gave off a slightly yellow light. Now with CFLs and LEDs, we're dealing with bluish lights. Neither gives you the full spectrum kind of light we get during full natural daylight.

A coloring project that was colored at noon by a window is going to look odd at 8pm under your lamp due to the change in the light qualities. This is why I always color under a full spectrum Ott light, even at high noon on a sunny day in August. If I'm coloring, the light is on. Consistency of light color as you work through a project is one of those little keys to excellence that many crafters fail to consider.

I've had three different style Ott lights and the Tulip Desk Lamp has been my favorite. In the position shown at right, it's an atmospheric up-light. However, that silver band in the middle hides an 8 inch goose neck which allows you to point the light cone in a wide variety of positions.

Affordable and versatile, you can't ask for much more!

10 (MORE!) Gift Ideas for a Copic Marker lover. Wink of Stella brush pens add fun shimmer without obscuring the marker coloring underneath. | VanillaArts.com

#5 - Wink of Stella

As much as I love the look of Copic coloring, sometimes an image needs a little boost.

Wink of Stella Clear is a clear shimmer coating that adds a little kick without obscuring the pretty coloring underneath. Best of all, WoS is subtle; it's not a high glam sparkle gel pen kind of coating.

It comes in several colors, so beware. Clear adds a translucent pearl look but other WoS colors have a tinted base that adds color AND shimmer or glitter.

Wink of Stella pens make great stocking stuffers or combine them into a cute variety basket for more impact.

#6 - Artist Glove

I used to think it was because I'm a lefty but I see a lot of right handed students with the same problem... smudgy hands.

It's not just a pencil problem- lots of different media can be picked up and dragged by the side of one's hand. Many artists and crafters actually tape off their paper margins to keep them crisp and white.

While I've never accidentally dragged Copic ink across my project, I have encountered a different problem- skin oil.

Marker paper is pretty sensitive. The natural oils on skin can transfer to marker paper leaving an area that is slightly resistant to ink. 

Artist's drawing gloves solve the problem by forming a buffer between skin and paper.

Drawing gloves are not a new but I've noticed that recently, it's hard to find one not labeled for use with computer tablets. They're essentially the same thing, so don't worry if the glove comes from the electronics section.

Two finger style gloves are more comfortable and keep the palm open to the air to prevent uncomfortable heat buildup.

Oh, and you'll hear about people wearing fingerless winter gloves as a cheaper alternative... be warned. Inexpensive, stretchy, 3 to a pack style gloves are almost always knit polyester. You can drag colored pencil with a synthetic knit just as easily as with a bare hand.

#7 - Portfolio Book

Copic inks are not archival.

Let me say that again with empahsis. Not. Archival.

There's nothing sadder than a faded Copic project. Your special person can spend an hour or more on a single image. That kind of Coloring deserves protection from dirt, damage, and the fading effects of light.

I love the Itoya book style portfolios. It's so easy to slide projects into the open-ended sleeves.

Bonus- a book full of projects can look very impressive. It's an ego-boost for your colorer to flip through a portfolio and see their projects presented in a finished, professional, and attractive manner.

Yes, you can shove completed projects into a manila file folder to receive the same level of protection, but the same projects placed neatly into a bound book? The book format portfolio adds a sense of value.

#8 - make a repair & refill kit

I've been using the ArtBin Slim Line cases for years. As I was researching items for this list, I stumbled upon a sectioned-off version called the Pen & Nib box.

But I wasn't thinking calligraphy.  Nope, this makes a great Copic repair kit! I love the idea so much, I've got this box on order to make one for myself!

Start with the Pen & Nib box. Add a package of replacement brush nibs and broad nibs. Top it off with a package of needle boosters, a set of Copic nib tweezers, and few alcohol swabs and you've made a compact repair kit that can handle any Copic emergency!

#9 - a gasenfude & a lavender multiliner

I'm going to lump these two together even though I could extoll their virtues at length by themselves.

I'm willing to wager that your Copic lover doesn't own either of these pens.

I'll also bet they will absolutely love them.

First up, the Gasenfude (gas-en-foo-day) is a dense black pen with a very responsive brush nib. They're fun to play with and essential for creating modern calligraphy writing.

Next is a new color for Copic Multiliners. Lavender. Yes, Lavender is a big deal. The set of four looks great but if you're only going to go with one, I recommend either the 0.5 or the slightly thinner 0.3.

Stick them in a stocking or wrap 'em as a standalone gift.


#10 - Prismacolor Premier Pencils

Yes, I know this is a marker lovers list. Relax, I'm not nuts.

Colored pencils are the hidden secret of many Copic colorers. Pencils can add texture, details, and simple highlights.

But here's the bonus- a light buffing of colored pencil that matches the Copic below can correct ugly blending mistakes! Copic is transparent color while Prismacolor Premier pencils are semi-translucent. That means they can mask oopsies and rough blends without grabbing too much attention.

They're like a really good Botox job.

Prismacolor pencils are great for beginners. The Premier Soft Core style is a professional grade pencil but they're not going to break your budget. This set of 72 isn't every single color Prismacolor makes but all the pencils I recommend to beginner students are here plus enough other colors to make a colorist's heart sing. 

#11 - Online coloring lessons

Okay, I know I was supposed to stop at 10 Gifts.

... but you stayed with me for this long so I might as well throw in a little shameless self promotion...

I teach online Copic coloring classes that are perfect for any level colorer. Marker Painting Basics teaches art based painting techniques using markers with colored pencil accents.

Because my classes cover art techniques, they're perfect for any level colorer from beginner on up to advanced marker mavens. This isn't a copy-cat style craft level class!

M.P.B. is a membership style class and new lessons debut every month. Each lesson is available for 60 days. The monthly staggering means that TWO classes are always available for students to watch and download.

Marker Painting Basics classes include:

  • 60-90 minutes of guided coloring video featuring informative and fun time outs and technique breakdowns
  • 15 minute Technique of the Month video provides a deep-dive look at one technique, method, or mindset
  •  original digital stamp in three formats
  • full color printable project sample
  • full color prinatable color map + recipe
  • full color printable guide to shade & shadow
  • class discussion board with full instructor Q&A access


so there you have it!

Ten, no make that ELEVEN awesome and battle tested gift suggestions for the Copic Marker lover in your life.

Be sure to check out my other helpful gift suggestion lists for Copic, colored pencil, watercolor, and mixed media fans.

Questions? Suggestions? I'd love feedback in the comment section!

Happy Shopping!

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