The Great Marker Challenge: Oak Leaf using my starter Copic Marker Collection


Indian Summer Color...

I showed this colored stamp on Monday for all my Copic Club students. This is one of three images we will color in November's classes.

But it also uses the Great Marker Challenge kit!

Great Marker Challenge?

Yep. Lots of coloring instructors have recommended starter kit lists but how is a brand new, absolute beginner supposed to know if the kit is good for anything they intend to color? How do you know that Marker Goddess #23's list will work for you? Frankly, most beginner kit lists are a wild shot in the dark- either the best list ever or a complete waste of money.

So I'm putting my kit to the test! It's not just a purchase list, I'm showing you what you can do with it.

42 Copic markers, 52 weeks, 1 Great Marker Challenge!

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What can you do with the Great Marker Challenge kit? Email me your challenge images and I'll add them to the gallery!