Why Vanilla?


What do Copic Markes and Colored Pencils have to do with Vanilla?

My very first job was at an old fashioned ice cream parlor. This parlor was different than franchised soft serve ice cream stands; we offered sit-down service in an 1880's soda counter atmosphere. The menu was full of rare items like egg-creams and real ice cream sodas. We used turn of-the-century recipes and refurbished blenders for authenticity.

We went through five times as much vanilla ice cream as any other flavor.

But vanilla was maybe only the fourth most popular cone flavor.

So why did we order massive amounts of vanilla?

Because vanilla ice cream was the base for almost everything on the menu

Strawberry soda? Start with 2 scoops of vanilla.

Hot fudge milkshake? You'll need three spades of vanilla ice cream.

Cooler, cow, flip, blossom, or fancy cream puff- they all start with regular old vanilla.

Vanilla ice cream is tasty on its own, but it also makes chocolate taste more chocolaty, mellows-out mint, and tempers the zing of lemon. Vanilla flavor is the hidden hero of almost every dessert item.

Vanillaarts.com Welcome Ribbon

Vanilla Arts Company is founded on my plain vanilla teaching theory:

  1. Students need techniques that can be used on a wide variety of images. They receive better value per lesson by understanding "how to color water" or "how to color transparent objects", rather than how to color Happy Stamp Company's cling stamp #4197B31.

  2. Crafters need attractive yet simple stamp images which allow room for artistic treatments

  3. Finished images should reflect the style and personality of the colorer, not the stamp artist.

Vanilla Arts Company gives you the tools and techniques to allow your voice to speak louder than the craft project. Your personality is the most important ingredient; Vanilla Arts Co is simply the base underneath your unique flavor.

So welcome to Vanilla Arts Company, make yourself at home!