On my desk this week: Textured Background

What am I working on today?

a textured background

I just finished scanning this background and re-taped it to my drawing board. Now I'm trying to figure out how to best place my lettering, flipping it around for the best orientation and layout.

Here's an up-close:

I'm sorry about the obnoxious watermarks but this piece will have multiple future purposes, some of which are definitely sales oriented.

What's going right?

Quinacridone Nickle Azo Gold is definitely going quite right. I know that name doesn't exactly roll off the tongue but as far as I'm concerned, it's the most underrated color of paint on the market- ever. In the bottle it looks awful. Scab brown. It's incredibly unappealing. But look at it in action up there! It's beautiful over almost everything!

What's going wrong?

Well, I got a little carried away with the texture and now I'm thinking I need to abandon Plan A (white ink and a dip pen) for Plan B (something marker based or completely digital). Texture is fun and interesting but it plays havoc with calligraphy.

I'm also not happy with the bow in this bristol board. I love working on Ampersand boards but I was thinking quick & cheap, primarily because I'll be doing about 50 different versions of this. Due to the warp, I went shopping and  picked up something I've never used, 246lb. Acrylic Paper from Strathmore. It fit my quick & cheap qualification but I'm betting it'll still bow.

What's next? 

I'm so darned iffy about how to battle the textured surface, that I'm going to shelve this project for a few days. It'll come to me, I just need to give it time.

Maybe that's a good lesson from all of this. Sometimes projects change mid-stream. What you had in mind suddenly doesn't feel right. It's okay to shelve something. Call it marinating or meditation, whatever makes you feel better than calling it "abandonment". You don't have to push through every project, you can sit and wait for a better idea to come along.

So that's what's on my desk right now, 1 textured panel. Beautiful coloration but one heck of a warp.

Huh, that pretty much sums up my life as well as my project.