On My Desk This Week: Anemone Sketch

Sketching for Digital Stamps | VanillaArts.com

What am I working on today?

an anemone floral sketch for a new digi stamp

This sketch is one of four spring flowers, part of a Spring Floral set for my digital stamp store.

Here's a close-up scan. It's very light pencil so I had to amp up the contrast in order for you to see my linework.

Preliminary sketch for a new digital stamp. | VanillaArts.com

And as usual, pardon the watermark that I have to slap on top of everything that will eventually end up in my website shop.

what's going right?

For starters, I've chosen unusual flowers for each season. Anemones are fascinating, they combine the best of roses and poppies into one beautiful flower. With all the petal folds, this will be a fun stamp to challenge your layering skills.

For a peek at my inspiration sources, check out my image dedicated Pinterest board here. See if you can figure out which photo each sketched element came from.

This is typically how I work, I almost always draw from photo references but it's never just one pic; I combine multiple sources to mix & match several interesting features into one final image.

And in case you were wondering- yes, I do use Illustrator to make my digis but I begin the process with good old fashioned paper and pencil. While many artists jump straight onto the computer, I find that my own images that start digitally have a sterile feel to them. My brain simply works better in pencil than paths.

what's going wrong?

I have this image in my mind of ornate metal dome buttons in the center of delicate, tissue thin petals. A balanced combination of the man-made with the organic. I'm still not sure I've got the tension between the two worlds correct yet. Unfortunately, I often use color to balance my images. Since this will be sold as an uncolored image, I'm worried that this may be a stamp that doesn't grab the customer's attention until they see it colored. 

what's next?

I've got one more bloom, some buds, and the foliage to draw and digitize. Then comes the lettering which must be scaled to A2 proportions for card makers. I've got several more hours of work ahead of me to finish just this one stamp.

Remember my process the next time you're comparison shopping for digital images online. Yes, digi stamps can be sold multiple times over many, many years but they don't just appear out of thin air. The best stamp artists put a lot of thought and time into each stamp and they need to charge a price that reflects that process.

And definitely remember my process before you share digital stamps with your friends. If you want to continue having access to quality coloring images, you need to support the artists who provide them. When you share an image, you become a pick-pocket. In the real world, you might never consider reaching into someone's pocket and stealing dollar bills; but when you give away digital stamps, you are robbing the artist of income.

so a good start to a pretty cool coloring image, soon to be available in my shop.

Today is a good day!