I'm the Peanut Butter, You're the Chocolate- Comments Matter!

The Importance of Comments | VanillaArts.com

Anyone remember these commercials?

Back when it was okay to take candy from strangers, I guess...


The "Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together" campaign was wildly successful. This version was made the year after I was born and I can remember them running well into my high school years. We quoted them all the time as kids. Especially the cowboy version:

"Hey pardner, ya got peanut butter alllllllll over mah chocolate!"

Sure, it sold a lot of product, but this campaign also had a lot of zen philosophy in it. Two highly different people find common ground by discovering a tasty treat.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

That's what I want for this website. A whole lot of whole- the peanut butter AND the chocolate.

If I wanted to yammer away at the universe, I would have created a blog site. They're easy and FREE and require a lot less time to maintain.

Instead, I'm building a knowledge warehouse. A multi-dimensional, searchable, and user driven website. And that's a big job for a blonde and her laptop.

I need partners. Lots of them. Ideas, questions, tips, and comments are so important to building an interactive resource.

I want this site to be your home base, the first place you think of when you're wondering about coloring technique, palettes, products, and friends.

So join the conversation. Leave a comment. Drop me an email. Make your mark on this site.


My Mary Maxim students know that I'll be taking a summer sabbatical soon. I'll be using the time to build up the site and restructure my class schedule.

In the meantime, let's keep the conversation going. I learn from you as much (or more) than you learn from me. Plus, I'll be suffering withdrawal symptoms if I don't get my monthly dose of marker fume induced giggles.

Watch for more interaction opportunities coming soon. And leave comments here. Don't be shy. This website is just like our class room, ask all the questions you want before we move on to the next step!

Let's keep learning together.