Copic Marker Coloring Mantra: For people who think too much


Deeds, not words.

That's my theme for Copic Marker this month. May is all about the follow through- in coloring and everywhere else!

I'm a planner. A thinker. A list maker. I'm really awesome at figuring out how to get from point A to point B.

Rodin,  the Thinker . Detroit Institute of Art

Rodin, the Thinker. Detroit Institute of Art

The problem comes when I go to put things in motion.

I don't like to make a move until everything is in place. I wait until all my ducks are in a row and they're all quacking the same tune before I take a step.

That's the problem with being a list maker. All my strategizing and data processing leaves me waiting for perfection on Step #1 before I can give myself permission to move on to Step #2.

And you can die waiting for perfection.

Here's an example: We are now 13 sentences into this blog post. In that time, I've gone up and edited the printable graphic 4 times. I resized the lettering, then I adjusted the kerning by a micro-fraction, then I  darkened the drop shadow, then I adjusted the size it displays at. And I could do this all day if allowed. I'd be happy to sit here and fiddle with all the tiny details and never type another sentence.

Enough is enough. Sometimes you just have to hit the publish button.

Waiting for perfection kills creativity.

Think of all the half finished projects you have lying around your craft room. Now add to that all the projects that you've never even started.

Degas,  Spanish Dancer . Detroit Institute of Art.

Degas, Spanish Dancer. Detroit Institute of Art.

Deeds, not words.

  • Have you talked yourself out of finishing a project when one little thing went wrong?

  • Are you waiting on just the right supplies before you start?

  • Have you put off joining a class or learning a new skill until your life is a little more settled?

Here's the thing- when you die, all your intentions disappear. Plans and dreams and half finished lists are nothing more than electrical signals in your brain; when your heart stops pumping, the world loses access to that data.

We don't know what project Leonardo da Vinci planned to work on next. I'm sure it was something awesome but there's no earthly value to his next project because he never started it. All his gonna-dos and his I-oughtas are completely worthless to mankind. Leonardo has a place in history based on his body of work, not because of his really rockin' bucket list.

I'm not da Vinci, you're not da Vinci. Neither one of us is crankin' out a Mona Lisa in the next few days. 

But we should be making something.

Stop thinking and dance, darn it. 

Deeds, not words.

Enough with the maybes. Just go make some stuff.