On my Desk this Week: Timeless Rose Stamp

What am I working on today?

Timeless Rose by Stampendous

This is my last coloring pass on an image that I'll be teaching to students at Mary Maxim in Port Huron, Michigan on May 16th. The lesson is an introduction to floral technique on a truly red rose, with a bonus lesson on realistic dewdrops.

what's going right?

Have you ever had a project that just goes swimmingly from start to finish? That's why I'm nervous...

Unlike my usual process, I hit on the right marker combination, first try. And this image is perfect for a color triad (rose, leaves, background) so it's a rare situation when I'm not fighting with a color palette. Add to that the fact that the image didn't require much digital cleaning and that it fits perfectly 4 to a page...

Basically, I'm waiting for the anvil of karma to fall on my head. Any minute now. In the grand scheme of life, I am the coyote, not the road runner.

Timeless Rose by Stampendous | VanillaArts.com

what's going wrong?


Which is why I'm expecting an Acme brand rocket to land in my office in a few minutes.

what's next?

I'll finish coloring this with Copics and then move on to the Prismacolor layers. This image will use three times the usual number of pencils which makes it a nice bridge to our June flag class. The flag lesson will focus almost entirely on Prismacolor pencils. This rose gives us the baby steps leading to the large flag.

Huh, I haven't run off a cliff and no exploding gift boxes in my path yet either. This is odd. Very odd.

In summary: a beautiful red rose and an oddly smooth development process.

Yep, don't be surprised to read about my horrible grand piano accident in the newspaper soon.