Prismacolor Class


Yes, I offer colored pencil classes, too!

This is the class sample for an upcoming private class on drapery, the folds and waves you see in fabric.

And while this image* is suitable for framing, this flag class offers you far more than a cool project to hang on the wall. Drapery lessons help improve your sense of depth, highlight, and shadow for a vast variety of coloring images. Not just flags but clothing like skirts, shirts, and long flowing dresses. Hair carries similar waves and so does fur and flower petals. Look around you, drapery is everywhere and your stamp collection is full of it.

In art school, drawing warm up usually consists of the instructor throwing a table cloth up on a cork board. I've got at least 10 giant newsprint pads up in the attic with nothing but drapery studies inside. Drapery is something even the professionals study- for a lifetime.

Drapery is one of the many classes I offer, in Copic, in Prismacolor, and in watercolor formats. We use both live references and photographic studies to chart not only the coloration but the texture of fabric. 

This is a lesson that improves your eye, your brain and your fingers. You will see immediate and noticeable results in your coloring and the way you see the world.

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