On my Desk this Week: Video Lesson

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What am I working on today?

Video Lessons for Vanilla Arts patrons at Patreon.com

Patreon.com is the artistic version of Kickstarter, a crowd funding resource for creative people.

I'm using Patreon to host monthly video classes, exclusive educational content, and private discussion- lesons based on my monthly Free Digi Club image.

It's pretty exciting stuff, especially for my students who are unable to attend class regularly. This will be just like my live classes only you'll be able to see up close, rewind, and watch things again and again from the comfort of your couch.

Today, I'm filming up-close mini tutorials. The above shot is a demonstration of how I use a Magic Indigo pencil to add depth and dimension to a standard Copic colored image.

Here's the amazing part- the camera is picking up details that even my long time students never see. In class, due to the room dimensions and table set up, I demonstrate standing up. In fact, I color upside down and backwards for my students, which is a pretty cool parlor trick but it also means that my students never see me color the way I normally would.

The camera is now catching exactly what I do under ideal circumstances. You can see my stroke, my pressure, and how many times I go back over an area. Basically, these videos are not only an excellent supplement to my live classes but they provide detailed information that students will never get in class.

I'm so geeked about these lessons!

Get this image FREE + Copic coloring instruction! | VanillaArts.com

So what's going right?

Well, as I said, I'm pretty thrilled at the new direction this video format is taking my lessons. For some of my students, this will be the first time they've actually watched me Swish & Flick!

What's going wrong?

Ugh! My camera isn't built to easily capture the detail I want to show. And I've got lighting issues. And I have camera mount issues. So with the first round of Patreon funding, I intend to upgrade my video equipment.

What's next?

I have a few more bonus segments to film and then I'll splice the entire class together into one video for Patreon. I have no idea how long the final video will run, so it may end up being a two-parter. However long it takes, I'll teach the whole image! Considering that it only took me about 2 hours to color the 1/2 sheet image, I guess that's the maximum length of my video content.

Oh! And I have class handouts, printable samples, and something brand new that I'm calling a Color Map, more exclusive items for my Patrons! I have to get all this together by Friday.

Whew! I guess I'm a busy girl today.

Okay then, I can't putz around here on the blog any longer. I've got stuff to do!

I'll see you back here on Friday for all the Patreon details!