Live Class: Crazy for Daisies, Copic Club at Remember When


We're Crazy for Daisies in September

I'm so excited to launch the start of casual coloring! Especially at a shop as full of fun stuff as Remember When Scrapbooking.

What is casual coloring?

Well, my current students know how much I love to challenge them. But you know, sometimes you just want to color. We can all use some zen time, no?

Copic Club is perfect for beginners- no matter how long you've been a beginner. And while we're calling this a club, the whole purpose of this style of session is that you can come to eighteen lessons or three, you don't need to hang your head in shame for missing a few classes. Nothing is sequential and if you miss a few months, you won't be lost when you come back. Relax, we'll be there when you're available.

Each session runs 2 1/2 hours. For the first hour, we'll cover a mini lesson- a tip or trick that will help you better color that month's image. Then I'll set you free to color or ask questions.

Because I can't say no to a challenge, I'll always offer a "Step Up" during the second half of class time. Listen in if you want and if not, no biggie!


Here's the cool part! I know how tough it is to start out with Copics. It's a pretty significant investment and who knows what to buy?

Again, relax! I've brainstormed with a few other Copic experts and come up with a Club Kit ingredient list. Buy all the contents up front or use the classes to purchase a few supplies each month. It's up to you.

And unlike regular classes where the supply list can contain anything, for Copic club, I'll always work from the Kit ingredients- no matter what the image.

September's Copic Club Lesson "Crazy for Daisies" |

Want the Deets?

Thursday, September 17th. 6:00 to 8:30pm

$15.00 per session, includes class pack

Reserve your spot by calling 586.598.1810

or stop into the store: 

21952 23 Mile Road
Macomb Twp.

or email Shannon at:

Stamp: "Daisies" by Art Gone Wild


  • blending technique

  • introduction to underpainting


It's been a long summer and I've missed y'all. Let's color daisies together!