The Art of Coloring: Art Based Lessons for Experienced Copic Users

Art Lessons for Experienced Copic Users |

Looking to take your Copic coloring to the next level?

So you've mastered the blending thing, the textured cloth + colorless blender thing, and you can pretty much duplicate the results of any marker tutorial you try. What's next?

I'm so glad you asked!

You're ready for a challenge.

Mark your calendars- Art of Coloring classes launch September 24th, 2015

Join me for art-based challenge lessons each month at Remember When Scrapbooking in Macomb, Michigan.

This isn't your regular marker class!

Learn how to approach your coloring from a more artistic mindset:

  • Think and observe for yourself rather than memorize the steps of a tutorial
  • Understand shade, shadow, light temperatures, and visual planes to eliminate the guesswork when coloring new images
  • Use rules of composition and color theory to improve the look of your finished images
  • Color-sculpt objects to add depth and realism
  • Learn tips and art techniques based on the works of famous artists that can improve the quality of your own coloring
  • Add maturity to your color palettes
  • Learn to play with your materials and experiment for unique results
  • Develop your own style and voice

All Art of Coloring classes are method based rather than stamp based. Lessons are immediately applicable to stamps you already own and any stamp you might ever purchase. We color white furry objects or black matte fabric- not polar bears and witch's hats.

Absolutely no drawing skills are required.

These classes will change the way you think, the way you see, and the way you color.

Art of Coloring is an intermediate to advanced level class

This class is new and will differ from the multi-level classes I taught at Mary Maxim. Basic marker skills will not be covered.

Supplies will be drawn from a wide variety of products and media. The goal is to learn how to best achieve a look rather than limiting ourselves to one particular product line. Copics, colored pencil, water based paints and similar media, novelty products, and lots of interesting art store supplies.

Because this is a fast paced and high information style class, instructor permission is required to register.

I'm setting Copic Club classes as a pre-requisite but my current and previous students can contact me for special permission to register.

Registration & payment will be here on my website, starting in August. 

And by the way, I really need your help...

Because we're starting fresh with a new class system and a new mix of students, we're going to have a few refreshers and repeats of previous lessons.

If there's a Mary Maxim class you missed or would like to have repeated, let me know. I won't teach the same exact class though, it will be a repeat of the technique on a new stamp image or bringing back an old image with a different technique.

Anyway, the point is that I'm keeping a list and I need your input! What's worth a second (or third) look?

And hey, if I haven't covered something that you want to learn, throw that at me too!

As always, if you've purchased a stamp that you have no idea how to tackle, let me know. A few of our most awesome classes started that way... like the Carousel Seahorse, the Tuxedo Calla Lily, and the Prima Dolls!

Between Copic Club and Art of Coloring, September is going to be awesome!

Art of Coloring classes |