Rebel Blending with Copic Markers: Learn to blend bold & unusual color combinations

Tree Frog a Marker Painting Workshops at Learn to add realism and artistry to your Copic Marker or colored pencil coloring projects. "Tree Frog" teaches the color sculpting process to maximize realism. | | #copicmarker #coloredpencil #coloring #howtocolor #realisticcoloring

Be a rebel blender!

Traditional Copic Marker combinations are rather monotonous. Light, medium, dark. Three greens or three blues or three pinks. It’s all light, medium, and dark.

But wait. Real life is almost never light, medium, and dark! Flower petals and tree frogs can shift from yellow to violet seamlessly, so why would you ever color them with a standard Copic blending combination?

Join Amy for a challenging lesson that introduces you to color sculpting and rebel blending.

Amy will show you rebel blending.…

Green into yellow into violet into pink into white!


Just like magic.


Learn to incorporate real artistry into your coloring project!

Tree Frog Marker Painting Workshop shows you Amy’s Distress Ink background technique, rebel blending and underpainting for depth and realism plus more of her tried and true Copic and colored pencil techniques.

Tree Frog is almost 2 hours of fully narrated coloring demonstration videos which includes an interesting sidebar discussion on how to repair the halos that often happen with Distress Ink backgrounds.

You won't believe the artistry and dimension you'll get from Amy's techniques!

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Tree Frog is Also Available In The Vanilla Stamp Shop!

Tree Frog -


This digital image is an accurate tree frog but he has no markings - make him ANY species you desire! Wide open coloring areas with minimal texture marks allows your coloring to take center stage. "Tree Frog" is perfect for colored pencil, alcohol markers, watercolor... your options are endless!

Recipe included for a Red Eyed Tree Frog.


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Happy Coloring!