Tool Time: Peel Off Eraser for Colored Pencil Coloring


I'm doing the Snoopy dance!


One of my students gifted me with a wonderful eraser!

Thanks, Elise!

So why am I all geeked up about an eraser?

Check this out!

Peel Off Magic Rub eraser for colored pencil |
Old Soldier, Plastic Eraser |

My students are very familiar with my poor, sad, but well loved brick vinyl eraser.

It's pitiful, isn't it?

I know my brick eraser has seen better days but it still works wonderfully... after so many years together, I'm kind'a fond of the ugly thing. It's hard to even consider putting the old gal out to pasture.

But this new pencil style?

Whoa, baby!

It's got all the non-abrasive goodness of my big ugly Brontosaurus combined with a nifty precision tip for getting into teeny areas. This new guy is the Velociraptor of the eraser kingdom. Rawr!

Plus, it has that cool retro peel-off system that I loved as a kid. My dad had tons of wax pencils around the house, they were so bright and fun to color with. Don't tell my dad, but I was the one who peeled an entire dozen new red wax pencils... boy, was he ever mad!

Yes, I've got more than a few click style erasers, but the tip on this pencil version is halfway between the click-stick and the size of the teensy erasers on the electric models. I love this more than the click-sticks.

I have a few students who insist on using the wood pencil style typewriter erasers and those things are absolutely evil to paper. Perhaps this Peel Off Magic Rub eraser will give them the feel of a typewriter eraser without the potential for project killing paper-damage.

Peel-Off Magic Rub Eraser by Sanford. Give it a try. I'm lovin' mine!


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Here area few options for peel-off erasers plus my favorite tiny white eraser