Free Digi Club- Sneak Peak, September's Free Image & Copic Speed Coloring

Free Digi Club- September's Free Image & Copic Speed Coloring |

only 4 days until a new free digi club image!

This one is for all you purple ink lovers!

Free Digi Club will switch over on September 1st to this new image and a whole new challenge. We'll also tackle transparency and color kissing.

Color kissing?

Yep. There are at least 3 incredibly useful lessons in this next image that you will never get in your average Copic class.

How does the club work?

Each month, I send members a link to a completely free downloadable image- no strings, no gimmicks, no mile long newsletter where I ramble on about what else you can buy. You get one free high quality coloring image that you'll definitely want to color, keep, and collect.

The image will be available for one entire month; then I'll share a completely new image. Once an image is gone, it's gone.

Every image has corresponding speed coloring video available on YouTube. While each image has a limited time availability, free videos are forever!

Color your Digi and then send me a .jpg photo or scan. I'll place it in our club gallery. Let the world see your creativity and your growth process!

And that's not all- each free image has a corresponding online class!

Patrons who sign up to sponsor Vanilla Arts Co at earn access to online video based classes. Patrons receive an extended length video lesson- September's video is over two hours of narrated tips, technique analysis, and in-depth demonstrations.

September's lessons have been broken into four distinct parts allowing you to complete small portions of this image before moving onto the next portion. And the concepts are new to the Copic world. We're talking about still life, color, pottery techniques, KISSING, and how to confidently use deep and bold colors.

Vanilla Arts Co. Free Digi Club renews on September 1st with a brand new image.

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