Art of Coloring: Are you ready to take intermediate to advanced Copic & Prismacolor classes?

Advanced level Copic & Prismcolor classes |

Art of Coloring classes begin on September 24th at Remember When... but are you ready?

Sometimes it's hard to judge your own skills. Sure, you love coloring with Copic Markers and you've got a pretty good collection of colors started... but are you ready to move to challenge level instruction?

It's okay to be nervous and talk yourself out of being ready for challenge level classes.

We're our own harshest critiques, no?

Here's why I placed a prerequisite on Art of Coloring classes:

It wasn't to intimidate you.

For over three years, I've taught monthly classes where there was no skill requirement. We welcomed everyone. We had students who purchased their first Copic five minutes before class and some students who purchased their markers back in the stone age before they had brush tips.

It was fun, but we had a pretty wide gap in experience and skill between students. And I began to doubt how well either set of students was being served.

Because when you have to stop to explain the numbering system to half the class, that takes time away from the demonstrations and critique which the advanced students crave.

And when I spent time covering how to turn edges with complementary color sculpting, the beginners would get that look a rabbit gets when they wake up with a hangover and find themselves in bed with a Komodo Dragon.

So when moving to Remember When, I made it a top priority to better serve both the beginners and the challenge students.

And thus, the Art of Coloring was born.

Here is a sample of two different coloring levels:

Copic Coloring Styles |

Marker Guy #1 has been well shaded and we can see the colorer thought about which areas pick up light and dark. There is a mild amount of color sculpting in the face.

Marker Guy #2 is a little more primitive than #1 but it is obvious that colorer is beginning to consider light and shadow. There is some confusion about where the dark areas actually lie but this student is trying very hard to make smooth and interesting blends.

Both of these students are ready for challenge level classes.

Yes, we have two different skill levels but BOTH students are blending well and both see the need for more than simply filling in spaces with random, solid color.

Art of Coloring students need three things:

  1. Blending proficiency
  2. A desire to move beyond their current level towards more realism
  3. The required supplies or instructor approved substitutes

 That's it. No big deal. If you can blend without assistance and you have all your tools, you're ready to go.

Marker Guy #1 is ready for advanced concepts.

Marker Guy #2 is ready for the intermediate level portion and after a few classes will be ready for the advanced topics.

If you are unsure about what level you are coloring at, help is just a click away

Feel free to email me at If you include a jpg of your most recent project, I can quickly tell you if Art of Coloring is right for you.

Or attend a Copic Club session. I'm sure we'll see many of the same students in both classes, it isn't an either/or sort of decision.

This is coloring, not Calculus. So don't stress out.

To register:

Copic Club lesson for September |

Copic Club-

Casual coloring in a social atmosphere for colorers of all levels

Call Shannon at Remember When to reserve and pre-pay for your seat. 586.598.1810

Two dates, same lesson each night:

Tuesday, Sept 15 from 6-8:30pm

Thursday, Sept 17 from 6-8:30pm.

Space is limited and Shannon will cut off registration when a date has filled.

Stamp: "Daisies" by Art Gone Wild. Stamps available for purchase.

Supply list here.

Refunds available for those who cancel within 72 hours of class. Call 586.598.1810 to cancel.


Art of Coloring for September |

Art of Coloring-

Challenge coloring for intermediate to advanced students- you CAN do this!

One date: Thursday, Sept 24 from 6-8:30pm

Space is limited and the website will cut off registration when the date has filled.

Register here

Stamp: "Grand Old Flag" by Vanilla Arts Co. 2 copies of the stamp included in the class pack.

Supply list here.

Refunds available for those who cancel within 72 hours of class. Cancel via email to

register today to insure your seat

Join us for one or both September classes. I can't wait to color with you!