Great Marker Challenge- "The Key to my Heart"


The Key to my Heart

Merry Friday and an early Happy Valentine's Day to you all.

My oldest is home from college for the weekend and the young'ins have a four-day weekend... so I'm thinking this year won't include a romantic dinner for two.

More than likely, it'll be pizza for five, a couch, and Netflix.

And that sounds absolutely lovely.

Older and wiser? You bet'cha!

Here's this week's Great Marker Challenge image. 


great marker challenge?

The Great Marker Challenge:  42 Copic markers, 52 weeks.

Why only 42 markers?

I teach several beginner Copic classes. And while I do have the occasional student willing to shell out the big bucks for all 356 markers, the great majority of my students have limited budgets and a serious need for starter kit info.

So I came up with a list of 42 colors for newbies. I teach all my beginner level classes using only markers from this list. And to test the limits of how many images we can color with just the list (before the palette starts looking monotonous), I color a new image every Friday.

So far, so good! I've yet to find an image I can't handle with my magic 42.

Read more about the Great Marker Challenge here or follow me on Instagram to see what else I'm coloring.

What can you do with the Great Marker Challenge kit? Email me your challenge images and I'll add them to the gallery!