Final Call: February's Free Digi Club image is about to expire

Final Call to get February 2016's Free Digi Club Image |

only six days left...

March 1st is coming and that means a new Free Digi Club image.

Goodbye Winter Barn, hello new springtime challenge!

Don't miss your chance to snag a copy of the February image "Winter Barn" plus the free recipe guide. It disappears on Tuesday, March 1st to make room for new stuff!

The Free Digi Club is just what it says, a free image just for you. Each month I draw one challenging image and I share that plus a recipe guide with my subscribers.

"Winter Barn" is a rarity in digital stamps, you really don't see many landscape images. And there aren't many Copic instructors teaching them either!

Here's the cool part: "Winter Barn" is the first of four free landscapes for 2016!

Don't miss the speed coloring video for "Winter Barn" to see how large scale marker landscapes can be tackled in small, manageable chunks.

Want the in-depth lesson on coloring "Winter Barn"?

My intermediate to advanced level online class for Winter Barn is open now and running through April 1st, 2016.

  • 4 hours of narrated footage  broken down into 30- 50 minute video lessons. Each video is segmented into brief coloring periods interspersed with informational sidebar discussions or technique breakdowns which enhance your understanding of the lesson.
  • Full color project sample
  • Full color underpainting (shading) sample
  • Full color Color Map- shows you exactly what colors go where
  • Technique handouts and specialty worksheets
  • Open critiques to learn from both your project and those of other students
  • Full access Q&A service plus class discussion area

All Vanilla Arts classes on Patreon classes are open for 60 days which gives you lots of time to download the class materials and watch the videos multiple times.

And while the class materials may close, the learning is always open! You're forever grandfathered into the information system for the length of your membership. No project is too old to submit for discussion because the techniques overlap. Come and learn with us in a warm and supportive atmosphere.

be sure to get "Winter Barn" before it disappears!

And maybe get some carrots ready for the March image!