Free Digi Club: Copic & Prismacolor Coloring "Spring Basket"

Free Digi Club- A new copic coloring image every month- "Spring Basket" March 2016 |

Ignore the snow outside; we're coloring spring!

Spring Basket is an image by student request. We're coloring grass this month, a whole basket full.

This digital stamp absolutely FREE from now until April 1st, 2016.

Every month you'll receive an emailed link to a new free image plus a recipe sheet. Join at any time, you don't need to wait for the beginning of the month to start!

Each stamp has a corresponding speed coloring video!

Want more instruction? The monthly Free Digi is the basis for online video-based lessons! Watch, learn, and color from the convenience of your home.

Each lesson is available for about 60 days (two full months). This month's Spring Basket lesson is 3 hours of videos broken down into easy to digest segments. I walk students step by step through every part of the coloring process and we take interesting sidebar discussions which relate what we're doing with markers and stamps to the wider world of art.

Spring Basket lessons include:

  • How to choose the best medium for your image- Copic? Prismacolor? Watercolor?
  • Matching paper to media- it's not Sophie's Choice but how to make the best of an unfortunate conflict
  • Image transfer- going where no printer can go
  • Sneaking watercolor into your projects
  • Simplifying complex detail
  • Why your eyes are far more important than your hands
  • Undertoning- how and why
  • Creating blending groups
  • Blending vs layering
  • Zen grass technique
  • Color sculpting ovals

You'll be amazed at the skills you learn plus all the tidbits and tips! Each class is fun and a great way to expand your knowledge and technique.

Join the fun- join the club, join the class. You can do this!