Great Marker Challenge- "All Aflutter" Coloring Images with a Limited Copic Marker Palette


My heart is all aflutter...

It's been a while since I colored for fun.

I know that's a sad thing to say, given that my job pretty much requires me to have a Copic marker in my hand for several hours each day.

But there's a difference between coloring for a lesson and going into a project with no goals or pre-set techniques. It's not often that I get to go where the Muse wants to take me.

This is a tiny project but it was fun to start from scratch and sketch my idea of a winged heart.

Although I must confess, I did have one small goal- this is another entry in my Great Marker Challenge.


Great Marker Challenge?

Yessiree! I've seen a lot of Copic starter kit recommendations on various websites but "My Favorite Copics" or "Essential Copic Colors" does nothing to prove the usefulness of the list. Sure if works for the author, but will it really work for you?

So I'm not just giving you a marker list. I'm teaching classes with only the markers on the list. I'm coloring images to demonstrate its value.

And if you like the results, if you plan to color a similar range of images, then you can confidently invest in my recommended list.

The Great Marker Challenge:  42 Copic markers, 52 weeks.

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What can you do with the Great Marker Challenge kit? Email me your challenge images and I'll add them to the gallery!