Great Marker Challenge: I’m Coloring for a year with only 42 Copic Markers, "Shamrocks & Gold"


Happy Green Day!

This is a throwback image, an illustration I created a few years back for a website header... "Shamrocks and Gold".

I pulled it out to help celebrate St. Patty's Day and only then realized that it fits within the Great Marker Challenge parameters!

great marker challenge?

The Great Marker Challenge:  42 Copic markers, 52 weeks.

Why 42 markers?

I teach several beginner Copic classes and while I do have the occasional student willing to shell out the big bucks for all 356 markers, the great majority of my students have limited budgets.

I teach all my beginner level classes using only markers from a limited list of 42 markers... just the essential colors. I post one image each week to prove that my list actually works on a wide variety of images!

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