If you can color with Copic Markers, you can watercolor!


something different today... a painting in progress.

I'm teaching an introductory watercolor class to my Copic coloring students. I've long maintained that I teach marker classes using watercolor techniques. Now 15 of us are painting a new botanical image every month!

Here's the April 2016 project in progress...

First stage of watercoloring "Tulips" | VanillaArts.com

Every painting starts with a Vanilla Arts Co digital stamp which they transfer to a watercolor block.

Basecoats of the recessed pink areas and first two coats of green leaves come first.

Stage 2 of "Tulips" a watercolor lesson for Copic students | VanillaArts.com

Opera Pink and Quinacridone Rose top petals next, plus a basecoat on the butterfly.

From this point onward, it's all detail work.


Here's the finished project:

Finished "Tulips" project, watercolor lessons for Copic colorers | VanillaArts.com


I can't wait to get my students started on this one!

(And yes ladies, that means the final supply list will be out soon... I hope it was worth the delay!)

And psssttt... hey, students...

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This was the first of many projects where I'll Instagram my progress. Watch your class samples develop as I post sneak peeks!