Friday Art: Work In Progress Collages- Pinterest Friendly Photo References

Work In Progress reference photos for Vanilla Arts lessons and classes |

Just a quick reminder...

I'll admit it, some of my projects can get a bit detailed. Not hard, mind you; but multiple steps that can be hard to recall after you've taken the class or watched the video.


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As I work, I stop and take in-process photos. These Work-In-Progress photographs are great to help you remember what we did and when we did it. 


Save the W.I.P. Collages on Pinterest

After I'm completely finished, I take the progress pics from Instagram and format them into a single image that's perfect for Pinterest.

It's so much easier to find a single pinned image than to dig through Instagram looking for multiple, individual process photos!


August's "Checkerboard Geranium" project collage for my H2Oh! class is shown at right. All collages are at least 5 pics taken immediately after an important point in the process.

I can't document EVERY class project but I do it for all the major or those with multi-stepped processes.


Have a great weekend and hey, do some coloring! It's good for you!

Checkerboard Geranium, Aug 2016's H2Oh! class project, teaching advanced Copic students to apply their skills to watercolor |