Three Copic Marker Projects: You Can learn to color with realism!


I love these "3 Copic Project" posts

I hope you don't find them boring. I think the juxtaposition of these project pics are fascinating.

But that's because thinking about technique really gets my groove on.

I love getting nose to nose with artwork so that I can see how an artist works- their stroke quality, how they prepped the surface, seeing all the tiny details up close...

I pretty much know that if I ever get to the Louvre, I need to bring bail money with me. I know I will get arrested for getting close enough to give Mona Lisa eskimo kisses.


Process is important. Technique is important.

And that's why my beginner level classes are different than any other classes. Instead of focusing on how to color a particular stamp image, we focus on why we should use one technique versus another.

And the student results speak for themselves. Only one of those Peppermint projects up there is mine.

And this week, it's harder than ever to tell mine from the other two students.


Marker Painting Basics class is a nose to nose look at technique

Well, at least it's as close to nose to nose as we can get online.

My point is, because we're super focused on technique, that means you aren't locked into only learing how to color one stamp. This lesson on coloring peppermints is actually applicable to tons of other stamps.

Because it's not about peppermints. The "Cool Peppermint" lesson is about shaping objects through the use of shade. I show you how addressing the shade first will simplify both the marker selection process and the coloring process.

This kind of focus is what helps my beginners to color like a pro, right out of the gate.

Three projects from the beginner level Marker Painting Basics class. Only one is the teacher's sample, the other two are student work! |

Join me for Marker Painting workshops online classes

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Marker Painting Workshops gives you a new image + lesson every month to improve your technique and keep you actively practicing.

Because practice is how you grow.

60 day access to monthly releases means you'll always have a fresh challenge waiting for you and an older class to go back and try again.


Let's color together soon!

Join me (and the growing student groups) as we laugh and learn and practice our coloring technique.