Ink & Water: “Amaryllis” Watercoloring & Modern Calligraphy


It's not too late!

Ink & Water class was held last night at Remember When Scrapbooking.

Wow! The students were great and it was fun to teach a subject that's really close to my heart.

But don't worry if you missed it!

Class packs are available now

Each pack contains instructions and a color map. This means that you can easily catch up!

While I can't teach you my exact technique via the packet, once you attend a watercolor class and see the method at work, you can go back to the Amaryllis pack and understand exactly what to do and when.

Our next watercolor session is Tuesday, April 12th from 6-8:30pm. We can catch you up to the class on Amaryllis AND you'll have the next botanical image to practice as well!

Next month we're back to calligraphy where we combine our Italic skills with your handwriting to develop a unique-to-you style of modern calligraphy. I'll also bring along my watercolors in case we need a quick demo to solve student problem spots.

Join us on Tuesday, March 15th for Ink & Water. You'll love this low-key and easy-on-the-ego style of lettering and watercoloring.

Hey, it's a Vanilla Arts class, you know it'll be fun!