Copic Club: Beginner & Casual Coloring, Still Life Technique I

Copic Club beginner level class. "So Grateful" a lesson in focus and composition for still life stamp images. |

Still Life stamps require a slightly different approach than cartoony stamps

Composition and focus are not things most people think about when they sit down to color- but they can make or break the success of still life images.

Correctly rendering still life images isn't the least bit complicated but it does require a bit of out of the box thinking. And hey, I'm all about out of the box stuff!

Join me for beginner level Copic coloring lessons this month where I'll show you how to address still life images the artist way.

PLUS a great lesson in coloring wood grain. This one is so much fun, you'll start adding grain texture to everything you color!

Wednesday, October 12th from 1 to 3:30pm

Thursday, October 13th from 6 to 8:30pm

Remember When Scrapbooking Store is my home-base for classes

Located in Macomb Township, Michigan, Remember When is a paper-crafter's dream shop.

RSVP for classes by calling Shannon at 586.59.1810 or emailing Shannon here.