FREE- Try a Marker Painting Workshop! Art based Copic coloring class.


Last week was pretty busy

I launched a new website with 2 new classes, and I opened the Digital Stamp Shop here at

So forgive me if I crow about my FREE class today.

Free class?

Free as in zero dollars?

Yep. A totally free class.

I know it's hard to commit to an online instructor. Classes are not cheap and unless you've attended a live class with that instructor before, you have no idea if this person can teach at all.

I could be some total internet creep with absolutely no skills.


That's why I created an introductory level Workshop class

It's proof that I'm not a creep.

But it also sets your mind at ease about how I teach.

Because I'll be the first one to stand right up and say, not all instructors are right for you.

Some instructors are great with beginner students, they can coach anyone through the beginnings of anything. But once you progress beyond the beginner stage, they have nothing new to offer you.

And some instructors will talk right over your head. They're teaching way up at level nine when you're having a level three kind of day.

"More Than Luck" is my audition for you.

See if we match up in personality, style, and teaching level. And if we don't, you haven't invested any money, so it's no big deal.

Take a FREE Marker Painting Workshop. Challenge Level Copic coloring with Amy Shulke of

What's included in the Free Workshop?

It's a great sampling of things you'll find in a regular workshop.

Only bite sized, so I don't scare you off.

  • 1 hour of fully narrated class video broken down into 3 easy-to-manage parts. Includes technique breakdowns, full explanations, and real-time coloring processes

  • digital stamp in several user-friendly formats

  • classroom website access with discussion boards and great instructor Q&A access

  • thorough supply list including consumer product information

  • full color sample, shade sample, photo reference samples

  • exclusive Vanilla Arts Co. color map

  • class glossary for clarity


Join the class!

I can't wait to color with you.