Free Digi Club- "Go Fish!" a Copic Friendly (and FREE) Digital Stamp


Tropical Fun!

"Go Fish" is my new Copic coloring image, free to subscribers of my Free Digi Club from now until August 1st.

Free Digi Club?

Yes, subscribers receive 1 free and challenging image that's perfect for Copic or colored pencil coloring.


Well, at least as close as I can get to it. Here's the deal, there are a ton of stamp companies out there and the internet is full of digi stamp offerings. But very few stamp images are drawn especially for Copic coloring!

Let's face it, most stamps are sold in the uncolored version and it's not until you fork over money and start to color that you realize the stamp is too small, too congested, or full of lines that get in the way and detract from your marker technique.

Not me. I draw my stamp images minimally. That allows you plenty of space to color and get creative!

Heck, that's why my company is named "Vanilla", because YOU add the flavor ON TOP of what I draw or teach or give away for free each month.


Online Class Update:

All Patreon classes have been suspended while I move my class system to a website designed for online classes.

I'm still plugging away at the preparatory work, the new class site is up and running, now I'm working on the payment and auto-responder processes. I think I'm about 3 weeks out from launch but as I said before, I'm not killing myself to get it ready by a specific date.

Students who paid for lessons at Patreon will receive coupons for access to the lessons which were active during their time at Patreon (you paid for a lesson, you won't have to pay again). Anyone who joined Patreon after May 1 hasn't paid for lessons, therefore will not receive grandfathered status at the new site.

Class fees will go up at the new site which will better reflect both their value plus the new services AND forever access. Sorry folks, the Patreon price structure wasn't meant to last.

And by the way, all classes will be sold individually. No more monthly membership structure. You buy only the classes that appeal to you, purchase them when you have time to watch. No more struggling to keep up with the pace of new releases!!!

Until the workshops launch, have fun coloring "Go Fish!"

And hey, send me a .jpg photo of your project! I love seeing what people do with my images!!!

Happy coloring!