The Great Marker Challenge: Is this the Ideal Copic Starter Set? Coloring Butterflies



It's Friday and it's time for another Great Marker Challenge image! 

This is "Butterflies" by Urban Stamps. And by no coincidence, I'm teaching this project in my beginner level Copic Coloring classes in August.


Great Marker Challenge?


Copic doesn't seem to market themselves very well to new colorers. You hear rumors about these fabulous, mysterious, and beautiful markers but they don't sell a starter set.

What to do?

If you Google "Copic starter set" you get 9,000 recommendations from 4,200 bloggers and none of them agree.

Who do you trust? Who's list isn't full of bunk?

Okay, so I'll admit it, my recommended starter set is the 9,001 to hit the internet.

But here's the thing- I don't tell you what my favorite colors are. I don't wax endlessly about "if you color maple trees you'll need this marker but you don't need it if you only color penguins wearing bikinis..."

Simply put, I don't tell you, I show you.

Yeah, I don't dink around. You want info about what to buy today, not my inner philosophy on the merits of warm gray markers.

You can read about that another day.

Look at the range of images that I can color with my set of 42 markers. If they look like the kinds of stamps you own, the kind of images you want to color, then use my list as a shopping guide.

And hey, if you're in Southeastern Michigan and want to color this image in a class with me, check out the class details here.

Happy Friday, happy coloring!