GRAND OPENING! Marker Painting Workshops now open, challenge level Copic coloring


Hooray, it's the start of a new adventure

Nine months of discomfort followed by a weekend of hard labor? Yep.

Worth it? Absolutely!

I just wish people held showers when someone is expecting a new business. I need a new office chair...

Anyway, my new baby is here. Come check out my brand new online classroom! Marker Painting Workshops is officially official now.


Marker Painting? Yes Indeed!

I teach marker classes using painting techniques. Markers are basically transparent paint in a stick.

You don't have to have any drawing skills, no specialty training... if you can hold a marker, you can paint.

Now you can take my classes online!

FREE Marker Painting Workshops- try a Vanilla Arts marker painting course for free |

The first class is FREE!

Join my free mini-workshop called "More than Luck". It's ideal for students who want to improve their coloring but are unsure about what level class they should take.

Or maybe you just want to try me out before investing in a full workshop?

Try the free class, then decide which level of Marker Painting works best for your skill level, your time, and your budget!

Marker Painting Basics- beginner/casual Copic coloring |

Marker Painting Levels?

Beginner & Casual Coloring

Marker Painting Basics class at is perfect for:

  • brand new colorers

  • beginner colorers learning to use Copic Markers

  • self taught intermediate level colorers looking to learn proven techniques

  • intermediate level colorers who are tired of "paint by number" coloring

  • intermediate to advanced colorers looking for casual coloring projects that challenge their current skills

  • shy artists who want more than craft-level classes

  • people who love supporting artists on Patreon

Basics is a membership-based class providing an expanded lesson based on the monthly Free Digi Club image.  Supporters of Vanilla Arts Company at Patreon receive access to the class materials via the Patreon tiered rewards program.

Classes are active for 60 days from their debut date with a new class opening the first week of every month. Two classes are active at all times. Lesson uses the monthly Free Digi Club image.

Oopsie Daisy- a Marker Painting Basics online class for beginner/casual Copic colorers |
Flutterby- a Marker Painting Beginner course using Copic markers and colored pencil | | #copic #coloredpencil #realisticcoloring

"Oopsie Daisy" class is live now through Oct 3rd.

"Flutterby" runs now through Nov 2nd.


Ready for a challenge?

Marker Painting Workshops- challenge level Copic coloring courses |

Marker Painting Workshops are perfect for:

  • intermediate to advanced colorers

  • colorers looking for more than "fill-in-the-space" coloring

  • inactive artists looking to get back into art via coloring

  • artists looking to begin markers or increase their marker proficiency

  • Amy's live students who currently take Art of Coloring or h2Oh! classes

  • Amy's Patreon students who feel comfortable with that class pace (especially those who subscribed before March 2016)

These are la carte classes with forever access! Workshops involve multiple 15-45 minute videos which allow you to work at your own pace (and when time allows). Bookmarking system charts your progress and lets you know exactly where you left off after your last session.

Workshops use original Vanilla Arts Company digital stamps and provide a deep-dive narrow-focus on a specific technique or concept which will help round out your skills as a burgeoning artist.

"More Than Luck" a FREE mini-workshop. Beginner-challenge level coloring.

"More Than Luck" a FREE mini-workshop. Beginner-challenge level coloring.

"Gray Matter" a workshop on underpainting with gray markers for added realism. Challenge level coloring.

"Gray Matter" a workshop on underpainting with gray markers for added realism. Challenge level coloring.


Whew! The construction is finally over!

But that doesn't mean I'm done creating classes.

New Marker Painting Basics lesson arrives Oct 3rd. It will replace "Oopsie Daisy" and the new image is perfect for fall projects.

Tulips & Ribbon is coming soon to the Workshop. This has been my most requested class + image and even though it's slightly springish in theme, the new palette and video will make a nice building block after you've colored "Lucky Clover" and "Very Cherry".

And I've got a pile of challenge lessons in progress. Many Art of Coloring class images are coming to the Workshop. One by one, I'll keep plugging away at new content, year round.

Thanks to all my students and friends who provided advice, encouragement, and support when I felt like I was going bald from all the stress!

(Not joking about the hair thing...)

And hey, don't forget to take advantage of the FREE clover class!