Final Call: "Hudson the Bear", a free digi stamp for Copic and colored pencil is about to expire!

Final Call: Hudson the Bear, a free digi for Copic or colored pencil is about to expire. Get your copy quick! |

It's sad, but Hudson the Bear is about to expire...

Free Digi Club- color "Hudson the Bear" with Copics, colored pencils, or even watercolor! |

This Free Digi Club image ends February 3rd.

If you're a member of the Free Digi Club, please make sure that you have downloaded everything on the access page including the digital stamps (in three convenient formats) and the handy-dandy recipe guide (used in my speed coloring video).

If you're not a member, don't panic! You still have few days to score your copy.

Not ready to say goodbye? Take the class!

Beginner/Intermediate level Copic Coloring classes. A new image every month! |

The Marker Painting Basics coloring class using "Hudson the Bear" is still active for another 30 days.

Every Free Digi Club image has bonus instructional information available at (click here). A new Marker Painting Basics class begins every month:

  • extended cut video with instructional commentary and process breakdowns
  • one 15 minute deep dive delve into an artistic concept or technique
  • printable lesson aids and guides
  • discussion forum for SOS service

If you're just now finding me on the internet, this is an inexpensive and stress-free way to take my classes remotely.

All Marker Painting Basics classes are available for 60 days, a new class launches each month. This means you'll always have access to TWO different classes.

Classes active right now:

"Hudson the Bear" runs through March 3rd.

"Satin Gift" runs through February 3rd. It will be replaced by a brand new class which runs through May 1st, 2017.

(All classes include the digital stamp)

Free Digi Club- color "Hudson the Bear" with Copics, colored pencils, or even watercolor! |

don't forget to join the free digi club to download Hudson before Friday!

I'd hate for you to miss the free fun!