Learn to Paint with Markers- Art Based Copic Marker Classes

Beginner level Copic Marker classes. Marker Painting Basics helps you add realistic depth and dimension to your coloring. | VanillaArts.com

Art techniques are not only for artists

Above are three projects from my Marker Painting Basics class called Baby Pumpkin. A beginner level class!

pssstttt.... only one of 'em is mine.

Two are from students.

Can you tell which is which?


And that's my point: coloring with realism is a skill

You don't have to wear a beret and live in an inner city loft to apply painting techniques to your coloring projects. Anyone can learn to color more realistically.

"More", for someone brand new to Copics may be getting the orange to blend with the yellow on a pumpkin.

More for others may be capturing the highlight in just the right spot.

More may be finally understanding how to get the right amount of shade in the crevices.

More could be coming up with your own unique marker combinations.

And if you're already an amazing colorer, more can be as subtle as changing the color of lipstick on a supermodel. Practice makes perfecter!


Technique is important

A class that teaches you how to color a stamp of a sea lion balancing a beach ball on his nose is pretty much useless as soon as you try to color a floral image. And unfortunately, too many instructors teach the stamp.

That's how we end up with students who tell me "I can color ice cream really well but I'm not so good at coloring birds."


A marker class should teach you how to shape objects with color, how to figure out where the shade goes and where to place the highlight.

If you're learning good technique, you can use it on any stamp.


Join me for online classes

Perfect for those who are nervous about their skill level or for those who prefer the casual hobby approach to coloring.