Marker Painting Foundations, a 12 week Copic Marker course for beginners

Marker Painting Foundations- Beginner level Copic Marker coloring course. Get it right, right from the start. |

Before you can color well, you must understand the essentials

It's the simple stuff that holds beginners back.

  • What markers to start with
  • What supplies to purchase
  • How to hold the marker
  • Which marker to start coloring with
  • How to make a stroke
  • How to fix a mistake
  • What order to apply colors
  • How to blend
  • How to fix blending problems
  • How to shape and layer objects
You can color better than this! Join me for Marker Painting Foundations, a beginner level Copic Marker online course. |
Learn the basics of Copic Marker coloring in Marker Painting Fundamentals, a 12 week online course. |

Join me for Marker Painting Foundations

An online, video based, twelve week introduction to the wide and wild and wonderful world of Copic Markers.

Let's get it right, right from the start.

This course is perfect for:

  • complete beginners
  • self taught colorers who feel as if they've missed key information, like why some projects turn out great and yet others fail
  • long time beginners who still encounter problems with blending, shading, or developing convincing depth
  • frustrated colorers who struggle when coloring unfamiliar stamps
  • colorers who find themselves in a rut, where every image starts to look the same
  • crafters wishing to push beyond craft level coloring, to boost depth, realism, and artistry in their projects

Marker Painting Foundations prepares you to color with confidence

Because you can't color artistically if you're always worrying about the basics.

This Twelve Week Course includes:

  • 12 weeks of coloring lessons-
    • one 30 to 60 minute video per week, fully narrated lesson with technique demonstration
    • one mid-week supplemental handout to spark further thought and build upon the week's primary lesson
  • 12 PNG digital stamps (also PDF and JPG alternate formats)
  • multiple instructional handouts, designed to complement each week's video lesson
  • bonus supplementals and consumer information to help support your understanding of basic marker painting technique
  • discussion board for instructor guidance, help, Q&A
Learn to color with Copic Markers. Get it right, right from the beginning. Online 12 week course. |


Class Begins January 13, 2017

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Join the class, join the fun! I can't wait to color with you.