Resources at Vanilla Arts Co.


Not everyone finds me from this website…

Maybe you caught on to me from Pinterest, Instagram, Patreon, or YouTube... yes, I've been casting my nets wide to gather students from all over.

And some of my live and local students have no idea that there's this whole 'nother internet side to my classes.

Where you found me isn't the point, I'm just glad you're here!

But I do worry that some of you may not be aware of all the project resources I have available here on my main site, especially if you read my blog through an aggregation app or only take the links from Facebook.

For every coloring project- every class and every stamp I sell, I try to offer more information- and I try darned hard to offer a lot for free. The resources vary by class or project, and a lot depends upon how many times I've run the class (and where). Obviously, if I've presented a project several times, I've had time to accumulate more process photos and blog resources.

Anyway, I wanted to take time out to run some links past you... just to make sure you're aware the resources exist!

free stuff:


vanilla arts online instruction:


Vanilla livestreams at Patreon:


local classes at Remember when in Macomb, Michigan:


I hope this helps. I'm trying to cross link pages as much as I can now but I figured a good ol' fashioned blog post might catch some of you quicker than stumbling across website pages!