Pantone Color of the Year versus the Copic Marker Palette


Pantone's Color of the Year for 2017 is "Greenery"


Color of the Year?

Yep, it's a yearly ritual for those of us with roots in the printing industry. Illustrators, graphic designers, interior designers, industrial designers, textile artists, fashion designers... we're all united by the Pantone numbering system.

Pantone Swatches- Copic Marker fans should be interested in possible upcoming color trends. |

And that means every year around this time, we all get excited about the Color of the Year announcement.

Pantone is an American printing company that goes back to the 1950s. But rather than printing, they're most known for the way they began classifying their ink colors. The Pantone method that eventually caught on in popularity and has grown to become an industry standard. Pantone makes it possible for a person in Boston, a person in Paris, and a person in Tokyo to have a group discussion about a color and to all be talking about the exact same color.

Talking about "Pantone color number 3295EC" is much more precise than hemming and hawing about "yellowy greenish blue with a slight gray desaturation". That makes people who have reason to be picky about precise color, well, it makes us deliriously happy.


Pantone also predicts color trends

Pantone is all about who's-using-what-color-where and for quite a while, they've been acting like the weather forecasters of color.

That's what the Color of the Year is. Every year the wizards at Pantone get together and try to predict what color is going to trend in the upcoming year. Then they hold a press conference and make a lot of hooplah and noise about the color they've selected.

And the design world goes nuts.

So magically, you'll start to see the Color of the Year absolutely freekin' everywhere. In the clothes store, in Target, in Pier One, and the craft store... it's completely contagious.

Now secretly, I'm convinced that this is a total "wag the dog" scenario. Sure, maybe the wizards really do spot a color that's kinda-maybe-sorta starting to appear in a lot of recent products. I'll give 'em that much.

But in actuality, once Pantone shines a spotlight on the magical chosen color, then everyone and their brother starts using the color... "because hey, Pantone said it was trending!"


Why do Copic Marker fans care about Pantone?

Well, because the market is about to be saturated by the Pantone Color of the Year.

That means you'll start seeing it scrapbooking papers, in card stock, and in suggested color palettes on many of our favorite color palette collection websites.

Pantone's "Greenery" Color of the Year meets Copic Markers. |

So meet your new favorite color!

Color of the Year for 2017, "Greenery".

Otherwise known to us as YG17 "Grass Green"

YG17 is actually one of my most used markers, so maybe I was trendy and didn't really know it. It's in my recommended list of markers for beginners and my Copic Club students use it in almost every class.

It's an all purpose, medium green that is wonderful for florals stamp images, trees, grass, and even green eyes.

Best of all, Grass Green is a friendly blending color. YG17 plays nicely with almost any other green marker that Copic makes.


Watch me use YG17:

Want to add a little Greenery to your life?

Pantone has a few color palettes featuring Greenery which I've translated into Copic for you.

Pantone Palette featuring "Greenery" translated to Copic |
Pantone Palette featuring "Greenery" translated to Copic |
Pantone Palette featuring "Greenery" translated to Copic |

Find out more about Greenery and see even more palette suggestions on the site here.