Colored Multiliner

Free Digi Club: "Sakura Blossoms" a free Copic friendly digital stamp for coloring

Sakura Blossoms, a FREE digital stamp + recipe, perfect for Copic Markers, colored pencils, and watercolor. |

Pink, Pink, Sakura Pink!

Sakura Blossoms, a FREE digital stamp + recipe, perfect for Copic Markers, colored pencils, and watercolor. |

"Sakura Blossoms" is my new Copic coloring image, free to subscribers of my Free Digi Club from now until April 2017.

No strings, no spam. It's just a free image for you to color.

Subscribers to the FDC receive one free image every month, delivered right to your email inbox.

My digital stamps are ideal for Copic marker coloring. That means the objects are full of wide open spaces to blend. There are no distracting texture marks!

I want your coloring to shine through, not my drawing skills.

That's what the "Vanilla" in Vanilla Arts Co. is all about. I give you the vanilla base, you add the hot fudge, the sprinkles, the whipped cream, the Copic ink, and lots of love!


Want the full Sakura Blossoms lesson?

"Sakura Blossoms" online Copic coloring class. Teaches the benefit of establishing darks plus how to shade fragile pinks. |

Join the class on Patreon!

Marker Painting Basics classes are perfect for beginner or casual level colorers or self taught intermediate level marker artists who feel like they've missed out on some of the key elements of art instruction.

"Sakura Blossoms" is just over 2 hours of instruction which includes interesting sidebar discussions on color values, shading fragile colors, and how to avoid the pitfalls of pastel color palettes.

The best thing about Patreon classes is that they're NON SEQUENTIAL! You can join the group at any time without feeling lost. You can drop out when life gets hectic and rejoin when you're ready and you won't be behind.

happy coloring!


Associate links for the products used in "Sakura Blossom":

Allow me to vent...

Not a real blog post today...

Just a wee bit o' complaining.

Because I can do that, right? Isn't that what blogs are for?

A student emailed me over the weekend with some fantastic news

The kind of news that should have me dancing in the streets.

Instead, I wanted to find the nearest brick wall and bang my head against it.


My beloved colored Copic Multiliners have been undiscontinued

Yep. They discontinued these pens last year (2016) and I went into mourning because I use them, like every single freekin' day.

My student got an early copy of the 2017 catalog and they're back.

I checked the Imagination International website and they're back there too.

I've been busy, so maybe I missed the newsletter announcement, or maybe it's an announcement timed for CHA (the large Craft Hobby Assoc) show this month.

Anyway, the point is that I should be ridiculously happy and yet...

Why do I feel like grabbing a pitchfork?

Well, here's what happens when someone who uses a product daily gets word that said product has been discontinued:

3 Red replacement cartridges = $10 or so

2 Orange replacement cartridges = $6 or thereabouts

2 Yellow replacement cartridges = $6 about

2 Green replacement cartridges = $6

3 Turquoise replacement cartridges = $10

3 Sky Blue replacement cartridges = $10

2 Cobalt replacement cartridges = $6

3 Purple replacement cartridges = $10

2 Pink replacement cartridges = $6

1 Wind replacement cartridge = $3

5 Sepia replacement cartridges = $15

5 Gray replacement cartridges = $15

But that's not all. Because I teach classes with these things, so I had to scramble for a replacement product that my home-store could carry. So days of research and this:

1 set of Stabillo = $15

1 set of Staedtler = $20

1 set of Le Pen = $18

1 set of Zig Mellennium = $17

So this little adventure in undiscontinuedland cost me about $173

And that's why I'm grumpy.