Allow me to vent...

Not a real blog post today...

Just a wee bit o' complaining.

Because I can do that, right? Isn't that what blogs are for?

A student emailed me over the weekend with some fantastic news

The kind of news that should have me dancing in the streets.

Instead, I wanted to find the nearest brick wall and bang my head against it.


My beloved colored Copic Multiliners have been undiscontinued

Yep. They discontinued these pens last year (2016) and I went into mourning because I use them, like every single freekin' day.

My student got an early copy of the 2017 catalog and they're back.

I checked the Imagination International website and they're back there too.

I've been busy, so maybe I missed the newsletter announcement, or maybe it's an announcement timed for CHA (the large Craft Hobby Assoc) show this month.

Anyway, the point is that I should be ridiculously happy and yet...

Why do I feel like grabbing a pitchfork?

Well, here's what happens when someone who uses a product daily gets word that said product has been discontinued:

3 Red replacement cartridges = $10 or so

2 Orange replacement cartridges = $6 or thereabouts

2 Yellow replacement cartridges = $6 about

2 Green replacement cartridges = $6

3 Turquoise replacement cartridges = $10

3 Sky Blue replacement cartridges = $10

2 Cobalt replacement cartridges = $6

3 Purple replacement cartridges = $10

2 Pink replacement cartridges = $6

1 Wind replacement cartridge = $3

5 Sepia replacement cartridges = $15

5 Gray replacement cartridges = $15

But that's not all. Because I teach classes with these things, so I had to scramble for a replacement product that my home-store could carry. So days of research and this:

1 set of Stabillo = $15

1 set of Staedtler = $20

1 set of Le Pen = $18

1 set of Zig Mellennium = $17

So this little adventure in undiscontinuedland cost me about $173

And that's why I'm grumpy.