Ducky Fun

Great Marker Challenge- The Perfect Copic Starter Set?


Ugly duckling?

Imagine momma duck's surprise when that egg hatched! Somehow I don't think this guy will grow up to be a swan...

It's time for another Great Marker Challenge image! 


Great Marker Challenge?

Yep! 42 Copic markers over 52 weeks.

Why 42 markers?

I teach several beginner Copic classes and while I do have the occasional student willing to shell out the big bucks for all 356 markers, the great majority of my students have limited budgets.

I teach all my beginner level classes using only markers from a limited list of 42 markers... just the essential colors. I post one image each week to prove that my list actually works on a wide variety of images!

Read more about the Great Marker Challenge here or follow me on Instagram to see what else I'm coloring.

And hey, if you're in Southeastern Michigan and want to color this image in a class with me, check out the class details here.

Happy Friday, happy coloring!