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Marker Painting Workshops- Add simple painting techiques to your marker projects to immediately boost the realism in your coloring! | VanillaArts.com

Adding realism to your coloring doesn't require a magic wand

Cloring with depth and realism is a skill.

It's not a mystical gift bequeathed upon you at birth by three doddering fairy godmothers, no matter what Disney movies say.

A skill is something you can learn.

Yes, you.

"Gray Matter" A class on marker photo-realism | VanillaArts.com
"Gray Matter" A class on marker photo-realism | VanillaArts.com
"Gray Matter" A class on marker photo-realism | VanillaArts.com

Above are three projects from my Marker Painting Online Workshop called Gray Matter.

pssstttt.... only one of 'em is mine.

Two are from students.

One student has taken my coloring lessons for just over a year. She's pretty darned good but she's not tried photo-realism with me before.

The other student is new to me, fairly new to markers, and really-really new to colored pencils.

Can you tell which is which?

And that's my point: realism is a skill

You don't have to be touched by an angel to add more realism to your coloring- no matter what level you're currently at.

"More", for some, may be getting the cherry rounded and spherical looking.

More for others, more may be capturing accurate details.

More may be finally understanding the difference between shade and shadow.

More might be adding highlights that make objects look wet and shiny.

And if you're already amazing, more can be turning the amps up to eleven.

Technique is the key

That's why I teach students to use age-old and well established painting techniques with their markers. These techniques work for professional artists and there's no reason why paper crafters can't join the party.

You can do this! More is just one step up from what you're already doing.

Join me for Marker Painting Online Workshops

Marker Painting Workshops- Try the free mini-workshop to improve your Copic coloring skills and sample Amy's unique teaching style | VanillaArts.com

Take the free mini-workshop to get feel for my teaching style.

No investment, no strings, just an easy to understand lesson which will change how you look at your next coloring project.

Your next project?

Yep. My classes always have an image which we will always color together, but the lesson itself? The lesson  is NEVER about the image.

It's about a technique and the thought process you use to apply that technique.

This is information you can use on ANY stamp.

Marker Painting Workshops- "Gray Matter" a lesson on underpainting techniques for marker colorers | VanillaArts.com

After you take "More than Luck", you're ready to try your hand at photo realism with "Gray Matter".

This is a full length workshop that gives you a deep dive on color value and accurate highlighting.

All my Marker Painting Workshops (even the free one) have forever access, great individualized feedback, and on-call instructor access.

Don't let the projects intimidate you. Those three samples show you how technique can is the great equalizer between a new colorer and a trained artist.

You can do this!

And don't forget, I have Basic level classes too!

Marker Painting Basics, beginner level projects with deep dive technique videos. | VanillaArts.com

Perfect for those who are nervous about their skill level or for those who prefer the casual hobby approach to coloring.

Marker Painting BASICS gives you a new image + lesson every month to improve your technique and keep you actively practicing.

Because practice is how you grow.

60 day access to monthly releases means you'll always have a fresh challenge waiting for you and an older class to go back and try again.


Let's color together soon!

Join me (and the growing student groups) as we laugh and learn and practice our coloring technique.