Online Coloring Classes: Learn Beginner Level Copic with Vanilla Arts Company

Marker Painting Basics- online learning, beginner level Copic lessons |

Online Learning is BACK!!!

I just launched my beginner level classes over on Patreon!


This month is "Oopsie Daisy", the August Free Digi Club image.

The Basics class video is fully narrated and 45 minutes long. Subscribers also receive a fun Technique of the Month lesson, "The Art of Flicking" another 15 minutes of coloring goodness.

Add in the helpful handouts, discussion board, plus premium goodies like critiques, Q&A, private Facebook group, and White Flag service and it all adds up to a great way to spend the month of August!

Join me over at Patreon. Let's color!

You Can Develop Your Own Color Palettes- Part 1 (Swatch Tool)

Learn to develop your own color palettes for Copic projects |

I'm starting a new video series!

Here's part one, all about making a swatch tool.

The project is super easy and you can customize it to meet your needs. I explain both the whys and the hows about my ring and I'd love to hear what changes you need to make for your style of coloring.

For the curious, here's the run down on the series plans:

Video #1- Swatch Tool

Video #2- Selecting and Using the Correct Color Wheel

Video #3- the Color Selection Process

Video #4- Putting it all Together