Three Copic Marker Projects: You Can learn to color with realism!


I love these "3 Copic Project" posts

I hope you don't find them boring. I think the juxtaposition of these project pics are fascinating.

But that's because thinking about technique really gets my groove on.

I love getting nose to nose with artwork so that I can see how an artist works- their stroke quality, how they prepped the surface, seeing all the tiny details up close...

I pretty much know that if I ever get to the Louvre, I need to bring bail money with me. I know I will get arrested for getting close enough to give Mona Lisa eskimo kisses.


Process is important. Technique is important.

And that's why my beginner level classes are different than any other classes. Instead of focusing on how to color a particular stamp image, we focus on why we should use one technique versus another.

And the student results speak for themselves. Only one of those Peppermint projects up there is mine.

And this week, it's harder than ever to tell mine from the other two students.


Marker Painting Basics class is a nose to nose look at technique

Well, at least it's as close to nose to nose as we can get online.

My point is, because we're super focused on technique, that means you aren't locked into only learing how to color one stamp. This lesson on coloring peppermints is actually applicable to tons of other stamps.

Because it's not about peppermints. The "Cool Peppermint" lesson is about shaping objects through the use of shade. I show you how addressing the shade first will simplify both the marker selection process and the coloring process.

This kind of focus is what helps my beginners to color like a pro, right out of the gate.

Three projects from the beginner level Marker Painting Basics class. Only one is the teacher's sample, the other two are student work! |

Join me for Marker Painting workshops online classes

Perfect for beginners, self taught intermediates, or those who simply enjoy regular challenges.

Marker Painting Workshops gives you a new image + lesson every month to improve your technique and keep you actively practicing.

Because practice is how you grow.

60 day access to monthly releases means you'll always have a fresh challenge waiting for you and an older class to go back and try again.


Let's color together soon!

Join me (and the growing student groups) as we laugh and learn and practice our coloring technique.

Marker Painting workshops: learn to use the Flick stroke with Copic Markers

"Oopsie Daisy" a beginner level lesson on perfecting the Flick stroke for Copic Marker. | #copic #coloredpencil #realisticcoloring

Everybody talks about the flick stroke...

You can't spend 10 minutes looking at Copic on the internet without stumbling across a reference to flicking.

But here's the problem- instructors and bloggers don't seem to agree on what a flick is and how to do it.


Really. It's likely in the top ten things that marker bloggers blog about and if I had a Twinkie for every different explanation I've seen...

Well, I'm not sure what I'd do with a three story high pile of Twinkies... but you get the idea.


Join me for a deep dive look at the Marker Painting flick technique

What a flick is, what it looks like, how to do it, when to do it...

This isn't just a passing glance at flicking! I even get into maximizing your wrist anatomy to make the best flick possible.

This online course is perfect for:

  • complete beginners

  • self taught colorers who feel as if they've accidentally missed key information

  • long time colorers who still encounter problems with blending, shading, or developing convincing depth

Marker Painting Workshops: learn to color with confidence

Because you can't color artistically if you're always worrying about the basics.

This one hour course includes:

  • 15 minute break-down of flicking- not just the how but the why

  • 45 minute color-along style video, fully narrated walk through of "Oopsie Daisy"

  • Hi-res "Oopsie Daisy" PNG digital stamp (also PDF and JPG alternate formats)

  • full color sample

  • guide to shading

  • color map

  • bonus supplement on Push & Pull technique for floral images

Forever access, entire class is immediately available upon registration.

"Oopsie Daisy" a beginner level lesson on perfecting the Flick stroke for Copic Marker. | #copic #coloredpencil #realisticcoloring

Join the class, join the fun! I can't wait to color with you.

Free Digi Club: "Satin Gift" a Free Copic Friendly Digi Stamp for Coloring

Free Digi Club: "Satin Gift" a Free Copic Friendly Digi Stamp for Coloring

A Free Digi Stamp for YOU! Join the Free Digi Club to receive "Satin Gift" and a new image every month. No strings, no spam! |

Free Digi Club: "Cool Peppermint" a FREE Copic Friendly Digi Stamp for Coloring

Nov 2016's Free Digi Club- Cool Peppermint. Subscribe for your free copy plus the recipe guide. |


A Taste of the Holidays...

"Cool Peppermint" is my new Copic coloring image, free to subscribers of my Free Digi Club from now until December 2nd.

Yep, it's my gift to you!

Subscribers to the FDC receive 1 free image every month, delivered right to your email inbox.

My digital stamps are ideal for Copic marker coloring. That means the objects are full of wide open spaces to blend. There are no distracting texture marks!

I want your coloring to shine through, not my drawing skills.

That's what the "Vanilla" in Vanilla Arts Co. is all about. I give you the vanilla base, you add the hot fudge, the sprinkles, the whipped cream, and the Copic ink.


Want the full Cool Peppermint lesson?

Nov 2016's "Cool Peppermint" online, video based lesson for beginner to intermediate level Copic colorers. |

Join the class on Patreon!

Marker Painting Basics classes are perfect for beginner or casual level colorers or self taught intermediate level marker artists who feel like they've missed out on some of the key elements of art instruction.

"Cool Peppermint" is 90 minutes of instruction which includes interesting sidebar discussions on underpainting and camouflage.

You'll also receive one technique of the month video, breaking down an important skill or method to help you improve the way you go about coloring.

You choose which level of support is right for you.


and hey, email a .jpg photo of your project!

I love seeing what people do with their Free Digi Club images!!!

happy coloring!

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