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Friday, Jan. 19th at 10am EST

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  "Layer Cake" , an introduction to dimensional color sculpting for pale objects. |

January Lesson: Color sculpting white or pale objects

Color sculpting is the artist's term for creating the illusion of a three dimensional object using color.

Copic colorers mistakenly call this "shading" and they shade by grabbing a marker that's 2-3 numbers higher than their main marker color.

But shading is a primitive technique and the method doesn't work very well when the object you're coloring is white or a very light color. If you've ever ended up with a gray baseball, a blue glass of milk, or a dirty brown panda bear, you've seen how bad the results of "shading" can be.

Learn to color sculpt vanilla cake, white frosting, and a pale aqua cake plate using Amy's color sculpting method. You'll learn how to make your objects seem dimensional without distorting the intended color!

Stamp: "Layer Cake" by Power Poppy (students receive 20% off the digital version in December)

Medium: Copic Marker & Prismacolor Premier Pencils

Level: Moderate beginner with challenges for intermediate & advanced students


Layer Cake (digital) - 20% off

Offer good through Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Use this code at checkout to receive discount: BERRYLAYER20


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On the day of the broadcast, about 5 minutes before broadcast time, go to and log in to your account.

 "Layer Cake", learn to use the color sculpting technique to create depth and realism on white or light colored objects. |

Look in the recent posts for one called "Layer Cake Livestream Here". It contains a viewing box directly at Patreon plus a link to watch via Crowdcast. Choose whichever viewer you prefer. The live-chat discussion board is only active with the Crowdcast viewer.

I recommend watching the livestream first rather than trying to color along with the live version because you can't pause the live version. Sit back and enjoy the broadcast first. Color later.

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Go to and log in to your account.

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Watch at your convenience, as many times as you'd like.

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Printing Instructions:

Stamp not included in the class pack below. Must be purchased from here using the 20% discount code: BERRYLAYER20

  • Stamp should be sized so that the cake element measures 6" from the bottom of the cake plate to the top of the banner
  • Instructions for opening and sizing your stamp are listed below.
  • I print at about 30% gray so that the stamp lines disappear as I color. That percentage varies by printer, so test on scrap paper first!
  • I am using Cryogen Curious Metallic cardstock in White. DO NOT USE X-PRESS IT BLENDING CARD IF YOU INTEND TO DO THE DISTRESS BACKGROUND. Cryogen is a good blending cardstock which will tolerate waterbased media. XPI Blending Card is deathly allergic to water and it really doesn't like Distress Ink.

All printables open in a new window tab. If you have a blocker set, this may hamper your ability to open these printables.

Class Materials:

Note: Patreon fee does not include Power Poppy digital stamp. Olive & Oak can purchased directly from here. Use the code "BERRYLAYER20" at checkout to receive 20% off the purchase price.


Products used & general information: