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Saturday, April 14th at 11am EDT

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  Vanilla Livestream lessons for Copic colorers. Neutral color palettes don't have to be somber or boring! Learn to add life and spice to your neutralized colors. |

April Lesson: Adding life to Neutral palettes

I love vibrant color but sometimes, a neutral color palette fits better with the image, the theme, or even the patterned papers you intend to combine with your project.

Neutral palettes are sedate, but they don't have to be boring!

Join Amy for a fun and challenging lesson in dealing with calm and natural colors like khaki, grays, and even neutralized violets

Learn to spice up your neutrals with restraint.

Stamp: "Cup of Columbine" by Power Poppy (students receive 20% off the digital version in April)

Medium: Copic Marker & Prismacolor Premier Pencils

Level: Intermediate to Advanced (blending technique not covered)

Recording Available: Replay available immediately after the broadcast ends. Watch as many times as you want until October 2018.


Cup of Columbine (digital stamp) - 20% off

Offer good through Monday, April 30, 2018

Use this code at checkout to receive your 20% discount: CUPOFVANILLA


To View the Livestream:

 Vanilla Livestream lessons for Copic colorers. Ultramarine Blue is a bold and vibrant color which can easily overwhelm your projects. Learn to balance gem tones to make mature and sophisticated color palettes. |

On the day of the broadcast, about 5 minutes before broadcast time, go to and log in to your account.

Look in the most recent posts for one called "Cup of Columbine Livestream". It contains a link to watch via a new window at Crowdcast.

The live-chat discussion board at Crowdcast is only active during the original broadcast and it may not be available on mobile or tablet formats.

I recommend watching the livestream first rather than trying to color along with the live version because you can't pause the live version. Sit back and enjoy the broadcast first. Color later.

To view the recording:

Go to and log in to your account.

On the left sidebar you will see "Featured Tags". Click "Livestream" to pull up lesson posts. Find parts 1 and 2 of your target lesson and watch using either the Crowdcast link or the YouTube link (for closed captioning).

Watch at your convenience, as many times as you'd like.

Remember, the discussion board is no longer active for recordings. Amy does not receive message notifications, so your message is unlikely to be read. Want to comment or ask a question? Start a post on the Patreon "Community" discussion board here.


Digi Stamp Printing Instructions:

The stamp not included in the class pack below. Must be purchased from using the 20% discount listed above.

Instructions for opening and sizing your stamp are linked below.

PAPER: This project can be printed onto X-Press It Blending Card or Cryogen Curious Metallic White. Substitute other brands at your own risk.

Note: I demonstrate with XPI but I understand some students have difficulties using Distress Ink on XPI. If you have a heavy hand or have been frustrated in the past, use Cryogen instead of XPI.

SIZE: Stamp should be sized so that the entire image measures just under 6" from the bottom of the napkin to the top most flower petal. This would make the image about 5" wide. If printing smaller, make note of the flower stamens and the bird's wing feathers. Don't make them too small to color with a Copic nib.

I print at about 30% gray so that the stamp lines disappear as I color. Gray levels vary by printer (and paper brand); please test on scrap paper first!


All printables open in a new window tab. If you have a blocker set, this may hamper your ability to open these printables.

Class Materials:

Note: Patreon fee does not include Power Poppy digital stamp. The digital stamp can purchased directly from here. Use the code "CUPOFVANILLA" at checkout to receive 20% off the purchase price.

Cup of Columbine will be demonstrated on X-Press It Blending Card*

See printing instructions above for info about substituting Cryogen.

(*link is an Amazon Affiliate link, proceeds help to fund the Free Digi Club)


Products used & general information: