I'm not going to bore you with a typical bio page

You're not here to read dreamy talk about how nature feeds my art goddess who inspires me to inspire you... Blech!

Want to know about me? I'm a professional technical illustrator- I paint and draw and do lots of artsy stuff. I'm not any different than the thousands of other trained artists you'll find on the internet today.

Here's what sets me and my website apart from the regular artist crowd:

I've developed a passion for finding frustrated artists- the people who once-upon-a-time talked themselves out of becoming an artist. They're now accountants or human resource specialists-- but deep in their hearts, they are and will always be an artist.

Many side-tracked artists feel really comfortable in the craft world. Maybe you're in a similar situation. You're not looking to drop your career to become a starving artist, you simply want to color or paint for the sheer joy it brings.

But here's the problem, if you hang out long enough in the craft world, especially when you take craft-level classes or instruction-- you begin to notice a disconnect.

Many craft stores carry artist grade, high quality materials but the average level of instruction remains back at the paint-by-number kit level. As a result, you own a craft room full of Ferrari tools but you're stuck with tricycle skills.

Basic level classes only feed your soul for so long. I think this is why many crafters change their mediums every few years- eventually your skills surpass the instructor. When there is no next step up, you abandon all the skills you've accrued in order to find challenges in a completely different craft area.

This is insane. The only people who benefit from the current system are retailers who live for the moment when you abandon one craft and purchase $500.00 worth of product and supplies for your new hobby.

Vanilla Arts Company is the next step for cardmakers, scrapbookers, stampers, and colorers. For the last seven years, I've been bringing fine art techniques to marker and colored pencil students. Students like you who need more than follow-the-leader style classes.

I want my students to improve their technical skills and their powers of observation. Most of my students do not realize that I'm stealth-teaching them how to draw and paint. I live for the light bulb moments, when a student finally sees the world not just in color but with light and shadow, line and form. 

Join me here at Vanilla Arts Company. This is art for crafters. Fuel your long denied inner- artist with my tips, tutorials, and studio journal ramblings. Join the Free Digi Club or take an online class. If you're in South-Eastern Michigan, please join one of my many live classes. The goal is to keep you coloring rather than fluttering off to buy knitting supplies or stuff to weave baskets.

Take the next step beyond crafting to become the artist you were always meant to be.

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"Boom Bots" a Copic Club class for beginners & casual colorers.

"Super Hero Henry" a Copic Club class for beginners & casual colorers.

"Hollyhock" for Art of Coloring- challenge level Copic & colored pencil projects using Vanilla Arts Co digital stamps.

"Strawberry Tea" for Art of Coloring- challenge your skills with realism techniques.

 Learn to use your marker skills with watercolor paint in h2Oh! classes. No drawing required

Learn to use your marker skills with watercolor paint in h2Oh! classes. No drawing required

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