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are you ready to go over the top

and slightly beyond?


Colored pencil lessons in amazing locations

Online lessons and once-a-month sessions are fun but they can not replicate the value and joy of working side by side with an artist.

Join Amy Shulke, professional illustrator and art instructor for a relaxing yet challenging artist retreats.. This time of concentration is designed to help you grow in confidence, artistry, and technique.

The goal for our mini-week will be to get you coloring more like an artist- working on large scale images and with far greater realism and detail. Most importantly, throughout the whole retreat, we will work to give you the tools to begin working independently!

This isn't coloring for cardmakers, this is coloring as art!

Vanilla Arts Retreats
Artwork by Kathy Sierra.  Find her on Instagram her e. 

Artwork by Kathy Sierra. Find her on Instagram here. 

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