Marker Painting Foundations- Bonus Digital Stamp Image. "Lily Blossom"

"Lily Blossom" in Copic and Prismacolor pencil. Vanilla Arts digital stamps are designed especially for markers, colored pencils, and even watercolor! Wide open areas allow you the necessary space to blend and express your creativity. | Shop the stamp shop at

"Lily Blossom" is a bonus image for Marker Painting Foundations students. It's a challenge level image for students to apply all that they've learned in previous weeks.

A beginner level course. Perfect for those just starting out with Copics or self-taught colorers looking to increase their skills.

Change the way you think about coloring with Copic Markers. They're more like paint than crayons!

Amy Shulke is a professional Illustrator who has used markers since 1989. She brings established art techniques to simple coloring lessons to help students increase their color accuracy, depth, and realism.

Marker Painting Foundations is a 12 week course with 26 video lessons, 16 digital stamps, plus a printable workbook and numerous learning aids. Amy gives all her students weekly personalized attention and the course features a lively discussion group. 

Forever access. Join anytime. Work at your own pace with no deadlines. Accessible on mobile devices.