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Realistic Coloring, Realistic Advice

Fed up and frustrated?

With so much free coloring advice on the internet today, feeling overwhelmed is easy. Some days, it feels like you've tried every everything…

…blog posts, project tutorials, free videos, online card coloring classes... 

... and yet you’re just not getting the kind of realism you want.

Even with lots of practice, your coloring is still flat.

So you begin to doubt your skills.

Maybe you're just not good at this coloring thing? 

Stop. Just stop. 

It's not you.

You are not mediocre. The tutorials are mediocre!


Take the next step!

Vanilla Arts Company is everything that comes after the blending lessons.

Perfect for cardmakers, scrapbookers, stampers, and colorers who want to color with realism.

For almost a decade, I've been bringing fine art techniques to marker and colored pencil students. Students like you who need more than follow-the-leader style classes.

I want my students to improve their technical skills and their powers of observation. Most of my students do not realize that I'm stealth-teaching them how to draw and paint. I live for the light bulb moments, when a student finally sees the world not just in color but with light and shadow, line and form. 

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Amy Shulke, Illustrator & Art Instructor.

Amy Shulke, Illustrator & Art Instructor.

Want to know about me? 

I'm not going to shower you with the normal artist's hippy-dippy biography.

My art does not reflect the nature of humanity. I've never taken a long walk in the woods listening to Kierkegaard.

Blech. Let's be real.

I'm a technical illustrator- that’s fancy talk which means I'm trained to draw things in the clearest, cleanest way possible. BFA Illustration; I've studied art in Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Grand Rapids, Michigan with lots of sciencey classes in the mix. It’s a weird specialty.

But basically, I draw and color.

Here's what sets me apart from the regular coloring crowd:

I'm passionate about finding frustrated artists- people who have talked themselves out of becoming an artist. They're accountants or human resource specialists now, but deep in their hearts, they were and will always be an artist.


Coloring is where the could’a’ should’a, would’a almost artists end up. 

Coloring feels artsy without being hard. You're not looking to become a starving artist, you simply want to color better.

Side-tracked artists feel very comfortable in the crafting world.

But there's a strange disconnect in the crafting community.

You're using artist grade, high quality materials and yet the level of coloring instruction is stuck back at the paint-by-number level.

Ferrari tools with tricycle techniques.

Crafty coloring can only feed your soul for so long. This is why colorers hop from paint to markers to pencils to inks… eventually your skills surpass the instructor.

When there is no next step upwards, you abandon your hobby in search of new challenges in other mediums.

Stop switching and start growing! I can challenge you beyond pretty blends, nifty novelty techniques, and cute coloring projects.

Join me here at Vanilla Arts Company. This is art for crafters.

Fuel your inner-artist with my tips, tutorials, and studio journal ramblings. Take an online class. If you're in Southeastern Michigan, please join one of my live classes

Become the artist you were always meant to be.



Coloring Tip of the Day: Real time  tips & process photos  guide you through an artist's process.

Coloring Tip of the Day: Real time tips & process photos guide you through an artist's process.

Join the Community:  Vanilla Arts Chat Group  welcomes colorers at all levels.

Join the Community: Vanilla Arts Chat Group welcomes colorers at all levels.

Watch and Learn: Amy's  YouTube channel

Watch and Learn: Amy's YouTube channel


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