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Realistic coloring. realistic advice.

Tired of banging your head against the wall when the latest free tutorial or marker recipe doesn't turn out the way it looks online?

Looking for something beyond blend, blend, blend?

Frustrated because everything you color looks flat?

Realism isn't difficult... but it is downright impossible if you stick to crafty coloring shortcuts and standard blending techniques.

Real life is full of texture, pattern, contrast, and desaturation. Life is so much more than light-medium-dark blending combinations.

Let's add some life to your coloring!

You can do this!

I want to...

"Daffodils" a Power Poppy stamp. Lesson on coloring clean yellows with dimension. | VanillaArts.com

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In the Studio Journal:

Is Abundance Killing your Art?

We are extremely fortunate.

It’s rare in human history for people to have enough free time to practice hobbies. It’s also unusual for so many people to have the financial means to invest in good quality art products for those hobbies.

Heck, it’s only in the modern era that good quality art products even exist.

So yes, you were born at the right time and under a lucky star.

But is this abundance a good thing?

Now I’m not suggesting...



a pop of red for summer-

Here's the July FREE Digi Club image, "Scarlet Geranium"

Get your copy of the digital stamp + the recipe guide used here.


"Scarlet Geranium" offer expires on August 4, 2017. But don't worry, I launch a new free digi the same exact day!

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Check out the quickie version of "Scarlet Geranium"


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