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Realistic coloring. realistic advice.

Tired of banging your head against the wall when the latest free tutorial or marker recipe doesn't turn out the way it looks online?

Looking for something beyond blend, blend, blend?

Frustrated because everything you color looks flat?

Realism isn't difficult... but it is downright impossible if you stick to crafty coloring shortcuts and standard blending techniques.

Real life is full of texture, pattern, contrast, and desaturation. Life is so much more than light-medium-dark blending combinations.

Let's add some life to your coloring!

You can do this!

I want to...

"Daffodils" a Power Poppy stamp. Lesson on coloring clean yellows with dimension. | VanillaArts.com

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I want that digital stamp!

In the Studio Journal:

Blending trios stink for pink!

Deep down you know I'm right.

We've all been there. We want to color something pink and according to all the Copic laws, we're supposed to select three pink markers in a row.

Which leaves you sitting there with one or two red markers.

To color something pink?

Yep, and it all goes downhill from there...



Sweet Treats!

Here's the February FREE Digi Club image, "Chocolate Box".

Get your copy of the digital stamp + the recipe guide used here.

Free "Chocolate Box" offer expires on March 2nd, 2018. But don't worry, I launch a new free digi the same exact day!

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"Strawberry Trio" the week 12 project in Marker Painting Foundations

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Marker Painting Foundations is a beginner level class and a new approach to adult coloring.

Learn to use your Copic Markers the way artists use paint- with style, originality, and amazing depth & dimension. MPF is a drastic change from adult coloring tutorials which lock you into using specific recipes and follow-the-leader style demonstrations.

No more copy-catting!

You can color independently with confidence. You can get realism and artistic flair from your Copics

You can learn to paint with markers!


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Build a VERSATILE starter Copic collection which doesn't waste money!

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Amy's Latest Speed-color:

Here's the quickie version of this month's Free Digi Club image:

Latest Livestream:

Rose' All Day- a lesson on Color Sculpting light red objects

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Saturday, Febuary 10 at 11am EST

Replay available for those who can't attend or want to watch it again!

Color sculpting is the artist's term for creating the illusion of a three dimensional object using color. Copic colorers mistakenly call this "shading" and they shade by grabbing a marker that's 2-3 numbers higher than their main marker color.

But "shading" is a primitive technique and the method doesn't work well when the object is pink or light red. Copic only offers red markers to shade these areas but look at any pink object in real life, they're NEVER red in the shaded areas!

Join Amy for an exploration of sculpting light red and pink objects with realism and NO RED MARKERS!

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Online lessons and once-a-month sessions are fun but they can not replicate the value and joy of working side by side with an artist.

Join Amy for a relaxing yet challenging art retreat in beautiful Northwestern Michigan. This time of concentration is designed to help you grow in confidence, artistry, and technique; all while enjoying a secluded slice of tranquility on the turquoise waters of Lake Michigan.

The goal for our mini-week will be to get you coloring more like an artist- working on large scale colored pencil images with greater realism and detail. This isn't coloring for cardmakers, this is art!

Take the Class!

Marker Painting Basics provides challenges for intermediate to advanced colorers.

"Chocolate Box", a lesson on adding dimension, texture, and realism to your bird themed stamp images.

Class also includes Amy's vibrant silk flourish background technique.

  • 20 minute video on creating pseudo-black for depth
  • 90 minutes of fully narrated video instruction
  • Chocolate Box digital stamp in 3 convenient formats
  • Printable learning aids include- full color project sample, photo reference, guide to shade and shadow, full color detailed color map

Course launches Thursday, February 12th, 2018.

(Sorry, class postponed from the 8th to the 12th due to a raging case of the flu... ugh!)

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