Limited Angel Stamp Policy

1. No uncolored partially colored stamps may be posted on the internet, for sale or otherwise.

2. Each digital stamp created for sale must be individually hand-colored by the seller. No reproductions or copies shall be sold in any form by any means; neither graphic, electronic, or mechanical reproductions, including photographing, scanning, and/or photocopying.

3. “Vanilla” stamp marking may not be removed either by digital means or physical erasure.

4. Wherever possible, please credit “Original line drawing by" and/or credit given in print.

5. There are no quantity limits for selling individually colored projects that abide by the restrictions as stated in this policy. If you plan to produce more than 50 hand colored projects in one calendar year, please contact for further permissions. In limited circumstances, permission to digitally reproduce your hand colored project may be granted.

6. Completed, hand-colored projects may be sold at craft events, community fundraisers, and over the internet. In selling hand-colored projects, the seller must make it clear that the items are hand-made and that the line drawing images used are from Vanilla Arts Company or

7. If you sell your hand-stamped products on Etsy, eBay, personal website, or other internet based retail sites, you must describe the product as “Based on an original line drawing by”

8.. You may submit your hand-colored project to magazines and other publications. They may print or display your project without written consent as long as proper credit is given to in print or in text credits, including any pop up gallery description.

9. If you display your work on the internet, either your business website, personal blog, or a gallery, please credit the images in text using above guidelines but also provide a link via email to With your permission, we would love to share your work via the blog at or in a newsletter.

revised: 01/07/2018