Okay, so I have to make some legal statements here... let's try to do this as painlessly as possible:

1. Terms of Use

You are reading my website, my blog, and taking my classes at your own risk. I'm pretty sure nothing I've said is fatal but let's be clear, you are reading and watching of your own free will.

2. Copyright and Intellectual Property

All written material and images on VanillaArts.com, MarkerPainting.com, ColoredPencilPlus.com, and on the Teachable and Patreon platforms are the property of Amy Shulke and Vanilla Arts Company. You may not reprint, publish, sell, share or otherwise distribute materials without prior express written permission.

Class materials and techniques are also protected. DO NOT reprint, publish, or summarize course concepts and techniques which have been hidden behind Vanilla Arts Company paywalls. 

You DO NOT have the right to reproduce, sell, share, or teach Vanilla Arts Company materials in any type of workshop, seminar, class, talk, or workshop- neither live nor online with out prior express written permission.

You DO NOT have the right to syndicate a post without prior express written permission. 

3. Hold Harmless

Information provided on VanillaArts.com, MarkerPainting.com, ColoredPencilPlus.com, and on the Teachable and Patreon platforms are for entertainment purposes. I am not providing medical, legal, nutritional, or geo-political advice. Use the information at your own risk.

4. Privacy

See my Cookie Policy here.

For classes where credit card information is required, the card numbers are held by the processing company (Teachable, Patreon, etc). I can not access your account numbers nor do I retain your credit card information.

5. Reserved Rights

VanillaArts.com, MarkerPainting.com, ColoredPencilPlus.com are my property and as such, I reserve the right to change or close them at any time.

I monitor comment areas and discussion boards. I will remove inappropriate comments and will ban those who do not contribute to a pleasant atmosphere.

"Forever Access" classes are not literally forever the way the universe is. "Forever" implies the life of the website which is solely at my discretion.

6. Advertisements, Sponsors, and Associates

I do not accept site advertisements, period.

I would consider sponsorship but only if it is a product I can fully stand behind. I have no sponsors to date and have never pursued any sponsorship programs. Inquiries to amy@vanillaarts.com.

Associates links on my webites and in my correspondence are clearly marked as such. To date, I only participate in the Amazon Associates program and the affiliate fees earned are used to offset the costs associated with running the Vanilla Arts monthly Free Digi Club.

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for use to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com.

7. Correspondence

Comments, emails, letters, messages, tweets, or even a thumbs up as you pass me on the street may be used as topics for positive discussion in classes or on the blog. 

Submitted project photos may be used as samples, examples, or lesson demonstrations in either a class or in a newsletter. I also like to share your amazing artwork on my websites. Wherever possible, I give submitter's credit (first name, sometimes last initial). I'm sorry but I can not watermark your artwork for you, nor can I fix bad photography. 

Project critiques are always gentle suggestions and are meant to be positive experiences. I will not give out harsh criticisms nor will I allow other students to leave cruel or cutting comments. I reserve the right to remove unproductive comments at will.

If you do not want me to cheer about your artwork and share it as inspiration to other students and readers, please do not send it to me.



Last updated: June 12, 2018